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Manifest With VIVA Magenta

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“An unconventional shade for an unconventional time”— Pantone’s description for the colour of the year- Viva Magenta fits the bill, bang on. The vibrant hue heralds a novel era- one which will ignite passions, reinvigorate our spirits, and spark transformation — and we are here to embrace it in all its splendour. Back in the driver’s seat, all set to embark on an expedition that serves our purpose. We are assimilating bold ideas which help us manifest the life of our dreams. 2023, we are here to win!

Encouraging us to write this new narrative, which resonates with our fierce and bold avatar of ‘23, is Nykaa! The brand has captured the essence of reinvention, reimagination and re-energisation (associated with the refreshing hue- VIVA Magenta) and bottled it into two sensational offerings! Presenting Viva Magenta Empower and Viva Magenta Bold— the matte lippy and nail enamel to help you hit reset on life and make a mark!

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All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick – Viva Magenta Empower

How to walk into a room and own it? A single swipe of the hue, empower is all you need for that boost of confidence! Be it a boardroom meeting or a first date, this hue will ensure that you exude courage of conviction, poise and grace. No dream is too far-fetched, as you channel that go-getter spirit with Viva Magenta Empower. Moreover, the formulation is infallible, doesn’t smudge or feather and is perfect for all the bawse ladies in their SLAY ERA.

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Insta Like Nail Enamel – Viva Magenta Bold

“She came, she saw, she conquered”. Nykaa is celebrating your fearless spirit— the grit, the unwavering determination with which you undertake every channel, all while living your truth, ALOUD. Claim your power and make some noise with Viva Magenta Bold! The ravishing shade is no short of a statement -one which will make you stand out!

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