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#NykaaJulyFaves: Spot and Shop

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Check out these fabulous beauty buys that we absolutely crushed over last month. Get them before they’re gone!
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This concealer has everything you’ve ever wanted in a concealer. The crease-resistant, lightweight formula gives maximum coverage. Along with the concealer, it also has three correctors—orange, green and yellow—formulated to camouflage dark circles, redness and dullness. To learn how to use correctors, read more here. They come in a tube with a brush attached to the tip for smooth, mess-free application. The creamy texture blends like butter to give full coverage. One of the best concealers we’ve tried.
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Unlike many harsh and rough exfoliators in the market, St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub is a gentle yet effective exfoliator. Infused with the goodness of Apricot that soothes, heals and exfoliates your skin; and Walnut, which keeps your skin moisturised. The scrub gently exfoliates dead skin, blackheads and other impurities. Trust us, you will notice the difference after the first wash itself. It leaves the skin smooth and glowing and breathes new life into it.  
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Love it! This is a liquid formula that dries and sets as a matte lipstick. It keeps the lips moisturised and hydrated, thanks to the 100% wax-free, gel formula. The long stay formula stays on lips even after a hearty meal. You can’t miss the sweet vanilla and mango scent. Available in eight shades, but we still can’t decide which is our favourite.
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