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Nykaa’s 2022 Beauty Forecast: 10 Trends That Will Be Huge In 2022

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Last year, we got to witness the true power of beauty, especially personal care and how it really played a significant role in people’s lives—the industry saw it, the consumers felt it. From healing acts of self-care like the serenity of a relaxing bath and skin-coddling face masks (that can magically make bad days better), to unapologetically slapping on a bright red lipstick or getting your hair done even if it means you’re sitting at home for your walls to see (who’s judging?), we turned to trends and products that provided pure bliss and a sense of escape—sort of like a chance to transcend everyday life. This year we see this fashion continue, but with fresher, more elevated conversations.

While most of us have made peace with the continuing uncertainty (including the current pandemic whiplash), the beauty industry is predicted to stay strong and continue to push boundaries with consumers gravitating towards trends and brands that champion utility, sustainability, and diversity. From neon makeup and blue light protection to conscious haircare, keep reading to check out the trends that are predicted to explode in 2022.

In Skin

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Blue Light Protection

While most of us wake up to our screens, we’ve come to realise the hard-hitting side effects of blue light.
Blue light is emitted from your smartphones, tablets, and television screens that can lead to hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, wrinkling and skin damage. Dr Jaishree Sharad, Mumbai-based dermatologist, says that blue light protection for skin is similar to UVA protection. So look for a sunscreen that caters specifically to these and wear it all day, especially during work hours. Some of our top performers in this category include Colorbar Blue Light Defense Luminous Moisturising Creme, The Pink Foundry Daily Moisturiser With Blue Light Protection, and IORA Prebiotic Day Cream With Uv And Bluelight Protection.

Skin Kindness

The focus of skincare has shifted towards gentle, less aggressive ingredients that soothe the skin, nurture its health, deeply hydrate and maintain a healthy microbiome. Dr Sharad explains that the microbiome (thousands of bacteria and fungi that reside on our skin creates a protective barrier. Excessive scrubbing, washing the face or using products that disrupt the pH balance can weaken this shield and expose our skin to allergies, eczema, acne or folliculitis etc. Some barrier boosting formulas we’re loving are Dermafique Aqua Cloud Hydrating Creme Light Moisturizer, Clinique Moisture Surge 100h Auto-replenishing Hydrator, Dot & Key 72 Hr Hydrating Gel + Probiotics.

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Hybrid Products

This is the time when everyone wants more for less. Products that entwine makeup and skincare will reign the trends with tinted hydrating moisturisers, balms and gels. Think multi-functioning masks, moisturisers that are also primers as well as sunscreens and more. We’re leaning towards products like Daughter Earth 100% Vegan, Vitamin - E Lip And Cheek Tint, Wet n Wild Bare Focus Tinted Hydrator Tinted Skin Veil, PUR 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer.

In Makeup

Ultra-Fresh Face

Kiss goodbye to full coverage foundation because we’re embracing a more natural, super glowy, ultra-fresh look—predicted to be one of the buzziest trends for this year. Think of it as a barefaced-but-better, healthy-looking base that can be created with the help of a tinted moisturiser or a hydrating BB cream, very little mascara, brushed up brows, lip balm, and nothing more. Try Huda Beauty Glowish Multidew Skin Tint, Innisfree Simplelabel Tinted Moisturizer, Lakme Absolute Hydra Pro Tinted Moisturiser.

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Neon Makeup

The key to this trend is to keep the rest of your face neutral and add a strong neon colour to either your eyes or lips or hair. From bright orange, fluorescent lemon, to electric pink, absinthe and proton purple, you can experiment with these colours, making them into a statement. Bold and playful, this trend can be achieved with MyGlamm Lit Liquid Matte Lipstick - Imo, Nicka k Pop Neon Nine Color Palette - Lucky Charm, Streax Professional Hold & Play Funky Colours - Perky Green.

Cherry Kiss

Our lifestyles have been unprecedented and unusual for the past few years, so it’s only natural that we’re taking comfort in this bold classic. Whether through lacquered red lips or softly blended out Korean-style rosy pouts, red lips are predicted to take over all makeup bags this year. You can keep it glossy or matte, tinted or balmy with NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie Cream - Group Love, M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo, llana Beet Tint - Beetroot Pigmented Lip And Cheek Tint.

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In Haircare

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Skinification Of Scalp

While haircare has always been on our mind, scalp care has taken the front seat this year. We’re finally treating the scalp as an extension of the skin, treating it in various ways that are similar to how we care for our skin. Think scalp scrubs, hydrating potions, scalp masks and serums that nourish your scalp. According to Dr Jaishree Sharad, scalp care has always been a prime focus for all dermatologists. Making it mainstream by caring for it as much as we do for our skin, especially with the conversations reaching people via social media and such platforms, is a trend to look forward to. Try using MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub, Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum, Just Herbs Shirolepam Hair Scalp Mask Treatment.

Conscious Haircare

With reasons to grow conscious and sustainable increasing by the minute, we’re moving to haircare products that get the job done while being environmentally safe. Products that need less or no water are on the top of the charts like dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners and serums. Even vegan, non-toxic dyes and sustainable packaging are what we’re looking forward to in 2022. You can start with Sebastian Professional Drynamic Dry Shampoo, BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream, Neelamari 100% Natural Indigo & Henna Leaf Hair Coloring Powder.

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In Personal Care

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Elevated Downtime

With the world hidden under a mask, the last few years have pushed aside real-life, tactical experiences that provided joy, wonder and novelty like spas and elaborate massage therapies. Personal care has opened up various aspects of comforting, luxury-invoking alternatives that includes products and experiences that are visually pleasing, playful and whimsical, fragrant and luxe. We’re predicting a growth in familiar and new products like bubble sheet masks, perfumes and mists, guashas, body oils, polishing serums, etc. Think on the lines of Nykaa Skin Secrets Volcanic Ash Bubble Sheet Mask, Kiehl's Creme De Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish, Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

Rise of rituals

Increasing stress levels have redirected consumers across the world to seek stability through routines–making skincare, personal care and other intimate rituals an essential part of their day. A basic shower-time ritual can include body washes along with body scrubs, massage oils or fragrant essential bath oils. Caring for every part of the body is now a part of weekly regimens including hand and foot care, intimate hygiene and hydration of the entire body. You can go ahead with Plum BodyLovin' Drivin' Me Cherry Gel Body Scrub, Innisfree Special Care Mask - Foot, Nykaa Naturals Ultra Fresh Intimate Hygiene Wash

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