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Nykaa’s Glitter Peel-Off Masks Are So Good, We Glitterally Can’t!

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If you don’t spot a casual glitter masking post by an Instagram ‘influencer’ every time you log in, are you even on the ‘Gram? Here’s one skincare trend whose effectiveness comes second, and fancy glitter selfies take precedence. Unfortunately, most glitter masks out there are so highly priced, the follower cannot afford what the influencer promotes. Until now, of course! Kudos to Nykaa Cosmetics for finally opening the gates of glitter land to the masses with their latest launch – Nykaa Go For Glow Glitter Peel-Off Masks. So, ready to handle all that sparkle?

Before we delve right into the glittering details, let’s talk about peel-off masks and how understated they are. If you still know nothing about the satisfaction of taking off a face mask as a single peel, here’s why you need to swap families urgently.

  • They effectively remove the top layer of your skin so buh-bye dead skin, see you never!
  • Visibly glowing skin that’s smooth to the touch
  • Actively unclogs pores by eliminating excess oil and acne-causing bacteria, hence reducing their size
  • Peels off fine facial hair too! But be very careful with your brows and hairline, okay?

For: Ultimate Detox

Environmental pollution getting to your skin too? Time to suck out all the gunk that happily calls your pores its free abode. Enriched with Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree extracts and Lavender extracts, this black glittering beauty is the detox your skin has silently been screaming for weeks now.

For: Super Hydration

Cheeks so parched, no mirage of hydrating creams can quench that thirst. Though peel-off masks aren’t the usual answer to dehydrated skin, this hydration bomb begs to differ. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Baobab Tree Leaf extracts, this formula effectively balances your skin’s natural moisture content. 

For: Instant Glow

It’s a sleep-in Sunday and everything, right from your soul to your skin, feels tired. Time to prep dull skin for a brand-new week with this instant glow-booster. Enriched with Pearl Extracts, Grapefruit extracts and Vitamin C, the multi-brightening complex in this mask imparts instant brightness.

For: Miracle Lift

Need a quick pick-me-up after a long day of unrealistic deadlines and endless cups of coffee? We got you covered! Rich in Collagen, Witch Hazel extracts, Retinol and Peptides, this peel off mask provides nourishment to the deepest layers of your skin, leaving it feeling incredibly firm.  

For: Rescue Operation

Whether its sun damage or a horrible skin reaction to a new makeup product, damaged skin can go from bad to worse in just weeks, if not treated well in time. Your silent BFF as you slip into repair mode, this peel-off mask comprises of Green Tea extracts, Aloe Vera extracts, Lemon Peel extracts and Vitamin K3.

For: Pore Perfection

If you’re constantly looking for the words ‘pore minimizer’ on beauty shelves of the supermarket, you’re in a rather pore-blamatic situation, my friend. This excellent pore detoxifier boasts of Calendula extracts, Chamomile extracts, Lime extracts and Cucumber extracts and leaves you with a pretty poreless complexion.

For: Visible Brightening

Ain’t no time to hop into the parlor for some long-due pampering? Say hello to this tube of instant brightening. Enriched with Licorice Root extracts, Lemon extracts, and Vitamin B, this 10-minute wonder provides instant skin revitalization, leaving you with that ideal post-facial glow. Just how you like it.

For: Age Rewind

For the last time, there’s no ‘correct time’ to start turning the clock of your skin. The sooner you start, the safer you are. Speaking of anti-aging, this peel-off mask deserves to be the latest addition to your brigade. Enriched with Gold Extracts, Caffeine, and raw Honey, this formula imparts an age-defying glow from within.

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