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Nykaa’s New Line Of Bubble Sheet Masks Are Already Becoming Increasingly Popular—But What Do They Do?

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With origins in Korea, you may have noticed that bubble sheet masks, popularly known as ‘oxygen masks’, gained momentum this past year with content creators and supermodels across the world posting their reviews on social media. So, when I heard that our private label was launching a fresh line of bubble sheet masks (not to be confused with bubble masks), I decided to test them out for a week and report back with my experience. Positioned as exfoliating masks, the range features two variants, charcoal and volcanic ash. These masks are designed to blanket your skin with powerful antioxidants and nutrients to give you seriously clean, radiant skin. Ahead, five reasons why I highly recommend them.

1. A short cut to exfoliating without using an exfoliator

The main purpose of a bubble sheet mask is to strictly exfoliate. Despite knowing the countless benefits of using a traditional exfoliator, I personally avoid using one as much as possible due to my sensitive skin that turns red at the drop of a hat. These masks deliver everything I look for in an exfoliator. They eradicate stubborn dirt, grime, and pollution. I find them quick and convenient.

2. Stronger penetration opposed to a sheet mask

It’s important to understand the difference between a sheet mask and a bubble sheet mask before you buy one. While a sheet mask is typically packed with potent serums to provide hydration, a bubble sheet mask allows a rich concentration of ingredients to travel much more deeply that help nurture your skin for a longer period thanks to the inbuilt oxygenation feature. I used a sheet right after my workout and my skin honestly looked visibly healthier.

3. Powerful results without a heavy price tag

The masks are priced at ₹199 each, which according to me is quite frankly reasonable for what it promises. Here’s how I see it. I rather use a product that’s easy and fuss-free that gives me clear skin versus an exfoliator that I barely use that promises the same result but retails at a higher price tag, (considering your average exfoliator costs somewhere between ₹500 to ₹800). Plus, they make the perfect gifts for family, friends and even boyfriends.

4. The bubbling process is oddly satisfying

If you’re wondering if these masks actually bubble up, they do. With the help of a special oxygenation feature, you’ll notice bubbles forming minutes after applying one. It’s this specific step with the help of foaming agents and pressurized oxygen that really help target your pores, blackheads and sebum. Plus, it’s honestly fun to witness the whole process playout.

5. It cut my night time routine in half

I attended a wedding recently. After I got back home, the thought of bending over a sink to remove all the makeup was tedious enough that it made me want to skip it altogether. That’s when I remembered I had a few sheets in my cabinet. I quickly slapped one on for 10 minutes and it instantly got rid of all of my makeup. Zero leftover stain or smudge. Also, if you have parched skin, you should consider stocking up on a couple of these masks because it moisturizes as it cleanses.

More on the variants

The Volcanic Ash Bubble Sheet Mask is powered with strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help soothe irritation. The volcanic ash helps delay signs of aging and restores your skin’s natural elasticity. The Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask on the other hand is crafted to thoroughly detoxify and fight dirt. The activated charcoal and antioxidants present in this mask help fight bacteria and grime. It’s also great for those that experience frequent breakouts as it controls sebum production. I personally stopped experiencing maskne after using the charcoal variant. Oh, and before I go, I must tell that it could be petrifying to anyone who stumbles upon you wearing one of them. So, if I were you, I’d be cautious before opening the front door. Last week, I may have scared the Swiggy delivery boy, and my nine year old beagle did not recognize me for 15 minutes straight. True story.

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