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Nykaa’s New Range Of Wanderlust Roll Ons: Honest Review

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Navigating the transition from summer to monsoon isn’t easy. Case in point, the excess humidity makes me sweat profusely, especially during my commute and also gives rise to a few episodes of the monsoon blues here and there (that justifies my day dreaming). To combat the aforementioned concerns I got my hands on the brand new roll on deo from Nykaa’s in-house line, Wanderlust. I use it right after popping out of the shower in the morning and the comforting scent lingers throughout the day keeping me fresh and happy.

It comes in three variations that have the ability to transport anyone to their favourite holiday destination. I know for sure, every so often, I stop in my tracks as a familiar fragrance wraps me in all its glory and makes me reminisce about the time spent under the azure sky, looking at the waves thrashing against the boulders.

Ahead, Nykaa's Wanderlust Roll On Deodorants, the newest range to look out for.

Nykaa Wanderlust Roll On Deodorant Mediterranean Sea Salt

Mediterranean Sea Salt: The beach is my favourite place to be. And what wouldn’t I give to be back along the stretch of blue, sipping pina coladas right now as another weekday of work deadlines lies ahead and I sit in my bed worried about travelling to work amidst pouring rain. Which is why the Mediterranean Sea Salt is the perfect offering for me. The refreshing aqua scent comes packed in a bottle which is sturdy yet so compatible that I slip it right into my travel bag and reapply for a boost of invigorating energy.

Nykaa Wanderlust Roll On Deodorant Country Rose

Country Rose: Dirt paths lined with roses that lead to quaint country-side cottages. If this reads like a distant memory then the beautiful rose scent from the wanderlust is what you need to uplift your spirits. Combat any odour with this 48 hr long formula with just 3-4 swipes on your under arms.

Nykaa Wanderlust Roll On Deodorant French Lavender

French Lavender: This scent will take you (spiritually) to lavender fields nestled in France, almost in an instant. Use this calming, smooth roll-on an everyday basis to alleviate any dryness or irritation on your underarms.

If you are someone who is wary of incorporating new products into your regime, this range of roll on forgoes parabens and animal testing. With the vote of confidence from our very own editors, back at the Nykaa office this is a must buy offering for the monsoon season.

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