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Nykaa’s New Vegan Nail Paints Promise A Summery Makeover For Your Nails

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review of nykaa vegan nail paints

No season like the glorious summer to get inventive and playful with colours! From wardrobe choices that surrender to bold patterns in peppy tones to glam options that break free from the everyday humdrum— splashes of hues embody the fun, frolic and vibrancy that the solstice brings forth. Speaking of, I have embraced the ‘summer of colour’, ‘23 edit with a unique addition to my vanity and recently grabbed the latest vegan nail paints by Nykaa. These plant-based, non-toxic formulations traversing across colour families- bottle the vigour, liveliness and fun with every rendition in the spellbinding range. Perfect for an at-home nail makeover, I record my experience with the product down below!

4 Reasons To Love The New Vegan Nail Paints By Nykaa

1. Flawless Application

The infallible formulation gives an intense colour pay-off with a single swipe. Furthermore, this divine lacquer dries up instantly, an attribute that is exceedingly gratifying for folks like moi, who run low on patience. The best part is the film of gloss that forms atop the gorgeous pop of colour, making your nails look polished and pronounced.

review of nykaa vegan nail paints

2. Vegan Offerings For The Win

As conversations around conscious beauty begin to take form, an increasing number of evolved consumers are scouring the beauty space for vegan and clean offerings. However, this burgeoning demand is seldom met with unique offerings that fit the bill. The pool of vegan beauty products is still very definite — and Nykaa’s bid to push the envelope to accommodate more takers is refreshing! The line proves to be a great alternative for traditional nail paint, bestows you with a versatile colour palette which is also gentler on your nails.

3. The Shades Are The MVPs

As discussed earlier, the lacquers are available in gorgeous shades, ranging across– nudes, mauves, reds, brights, blues and more! I have been obsessing over the shade- Goin’ Bananas (fun, right?), a vivid canary yellow which makes my nails stand out. The shade Berry Blue captures a slice of the magnificent summer sky in the bottle, another fave that the Nykaa office cannot stop raving about! Whether you gravitate towards muted tones or like to go all out like a minimalist queen - this range has something in store for you.

4. Unleash The Mani-AC in You!

Want to get a nail makeover without running to your local nail bar? Summon these heroes for an artsy, at-home sesh and nail it. You are the tech, the sole creative force with a rainbow of colour options and Pinterest at your fingertips! I have been using these beauties to try popular manicures sported by my favourite celebrities– from colour blocking to hued tips, there is no dearth of fun, summery options!

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