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Ojas Rajani Decodes The Perfect Bridal Look

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'I’m just back from an exhausting foreign wedding darling', shares Ojas Rajani as we grill her about THE pre bridal prep list every bride needs. Best known as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra’s fave artist and numero uno on the wish list of brides-to-be, Rajani breaks down the perfect bridal look for us this season.
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Eyes must be highlighted

Thankfully the days of matching makeup to outfits is done and dusted, Ojas declares dramatically. “Today’s contemporary bride likes to try out new things that are the craze here and in the West. “While bridal makeup trends can come and go, the one feature all brides simply MUST accentuate is their eyes,” says Ojas. “Weddings can be hectic and fatigue first shows up as under eye circles because the skin under the eyes is the thinnest. Also, unfortunately, your eyes are the first thing people notice.” So what are the eye makeup trends big right now? “Bold, cinematic jewel-tone eyes are a big trend this season. Take your pick of purple amethyst, sapphire blue or emerald green shadows, mascaras and liners to create this look,” she suggests. Smoky eyes continue to reign too. “Instead of using black or brown shadows, try something different by mixing up the two colors.” She also suggests contouring the top arch of the eye socket with peach shadow before working on smoky lids for a more defined look.

Select eye shadow based on skin tone

Instead of following fashions blindly, Ojas recommends choosing eye shadows based on skin tone and eye color. “Women with warm skin tones should wear eye shadows with a golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks. Cooler skin types look gorgeous in blue, gray, silver, pink and plum eye shadows. “It’s easier for dusky, dark eyed girls to carry off bolder eye shadow. “But dusky girls also look stunning with grey and brown eye shadows. Pick a light eye shadow color that complements your skin tone, and with an eye shadow brush, sweep the color from your eyelashes to your brow line.” Ojas says she personally loves recommending pearly shades because they work well to highlight the natural color of your eyes.
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Makeup dos and don'ts

As far as bridal makeup goes, Ojas firmly believes in the dictum, “Less is more!” Heavy layers of foundation look so tacky, she exclaims. “Of course you need a minimal amount to create an even base but nothing more.” Also she says lip liners are a no-no unless they are used to color in lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding. “What you want is a natural glowing look, not a heavily ‘made up’ one. Tons of makeup doesn’t make you look pretty, in fact it makes you look tired and old,” she declares.

Hair trends to fall in love with

Hair is an equally important aspect of a bridal look. Hair buns are no longer in demand, having been replaced by well-coiffed waves, messy updos and Hollywood inspired messy chic styles that look stunning with traditional Indian jewelry such as maatha pattis and maang teekas. “Today brides are choosing loose, flowing tress styles or partial updos that look more natural and youthful.
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The five must-haves for Indian brides?

Ojas says bridal skin care and makeup should be as uncomplicated as possible. “An effective sunscreen or tinted moisturizer should be used regularly to sun protect skin and keep it hydrated.” A multi-purpose lip stain is also an essential because it can be used on cheeks and eyelids. A translucent powder is a good idea to set makeup and blot down shine. “Always keep a smudge-proof kajal handy. It’s the ultimate gehna for eyes, especially Indian brides.” And finally, mascara to lengthen lashes and make your eyes pop!
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