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Olive Oil For Hair: Why You Need To Add It To Your Hair Care Routine?

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Olive Oil For Hair

When you think of olive oil, you think of it as a common kitchen ingredient. But what if we told you that it’s the best kept hair care secret. Until a few years ago, the only thing I’d ever associated olive oil with was the kitchen, until recently when I stumbled upon a very informative read on how this oil works wonders for your tresses. So I had to put it to the test, and my hair has never felt softer and manageable (oh, and shiny too!) But how does olive oil help in softening your tresses? The answer lies in its composition. Olive oil is composed of oleic acid and squalene, both of which are emollients that penetrate deep into the hair strands moisturising them from the inside out. Apart from that, olive oil is rich in stearic acid which contains fatty acids that offer multiple hair care benefits. Now you know why Australian model Miranda Kerr swears by this kitchen essential for her hair care regime. Whether it’s thickness you’re worried about or breakage, olive oil is the answer to most of your hair woes. Still not convinced if olive oil is good for your hair? Then you need to read this because you’re about to have a revelation!

Why should I include olive oil in my hair care regime?

  1. Moisturising benefits: As already mentioned, olive oil is rich in oleic acid, a kind of fatty acid. This is combined with linoleic and palmitic acid, antioxidants, and lipids that come together to moisturise the hair strands. It penetrates deep into every strand to offer thorough hydration from within.
  2. Prevents split ends: The moisturising properties of olive oil extends its benefits beyond giving your hair an added shine. It also improves hair’s elasticity by strengthening it from within, reducing chances of breakage and split ends.
  3. Reduces DHT production: Dihydrotestosterone is cited as the prime cause for hair loss as it weakens the follicles. Using olive oil regularly in the right amount can help block the production of this hormone, aiding in reducing hair loss.

Is olive oil good for every hair type?

When it comes to hair care, using regular olive oil is a complete no-no! It is advised to use extra-virgin olive oil to derive the best results from this product. Although, as amazing as olive oil may be for hair, it doesn’t work the same way for every hair type. People with extremely dry, coarse hair will benefit the most from using this, whereas olive oil will weigh down medium to fine hair. Unruly, curly hair types should say a yes to this hair oil, whereas people with fine, straight hair should take a back seat, as it will make their hair look greasy. To sum it up, hair types that are highly porous will benefit the most from this oil. Also, olive oil should not be used on colour-treated hair. We suggest consulting your stylist before opting for any hair products.

How to use olive oil for hair?

The most important point to remember when opting for olive oil for your hair, always choose a cold-pressed, extra virgin alternative. This olive oil is unrefined and at its most raw state. Apply it only on the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair and massage it in well. If you have an extremely dry scalp, you can use a small amount and gently massage it into your scalp. Let it sit for 15 minutes, or keep it on overnight if you’re looking for an extra boost of moisturisation.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of everything you need to know about olive oil and its uses for hair, here’s some recommendations from Nykaa to include in your care routine.

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