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One Man Army: Beauty Heroes That Do It All

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What’s the point of hoarding makeup when all they do is empty your pocket, occupy space and expire by the time you remember they’re in your kit and would like to use them? The sweet spot is to indulge, but to indulge wisely. To splurge on goods that deliver more than promised. To spend on makeup that earns their multitasking spot in your valuable vanity’s real estate. De-clutter your cabinet, question each item’s worth – if it’s an essential or an extra.
But for those who still don’t get the drift, scroll to see which multi-use makeup marvels ought to make it on your list. And more importantly, how.

Here's a compiled list of all the best multi-purpose makeup products for you

  • One Man Army: Beauty Heroes That Do It All - 1

    What: Highlighter Palette

    How: For that all-over faux glow, this highlighter blush powders away 50 shades of dreariness. No matter what your skin tone, there’s a shade for everyone – from deep browns to striking magentas. Actually, each shade is a lot more resourceful than just this. Like the lightest tone doubles as your browbone highlighter to make your eyes pop. The darker brown adds warmth and dimension to your face as a bronzer making it one of the must-have makeup products. Oh, and you’ve got the leeway to double this palette as your shimmer eyeshadow palette as well.
  • What: Kajal

    How: Super-pigmented kohls define your upper and lower eyelids in just one swipe. From stark blacks, natural browns to vibrant hues, kajal have been a staple in our routine for eons now. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Especially when on the run and we ought to limit our vanity kit. Moments like this, you’ll find this pencil maneuver a smokey eye, cat eye, graphic or even wet eye look. Mix it in your lipstick to darken your shade. Mix it in your foundation for a darker shade, letting you bag that perfect contour. For your mascara? Smash some on your eyelash and roll out excess with an eye brush. Additionally, it even fills in gaps in your brows or scalp. Phew!
    One Man Army: Beauty Heroes That Do It All - 2
  • One Man Army: Beauty Heroes That Do It All - 3

    What: Mascara

    How: If there’s one makeup item you shouldn’t walk out of your house without, it’s mascara. Especially the clump-free, long lasting, easy-to-apply kind. They take you from drab to fab in just one coat. But you can also befriend this beauty on days your baby hair decides to act up. One swirl is all you need to tame your frizz or baby hair. This also tackles grey hair. You could turn it up a notch by dualizing it as your brow tamer as well.
  • What: Lip Pencil

    How: This tops the list of all makeup products. The hidden truth is that lip pencils are cheaper, save space in your bag and many a times are the same shades as their lipstick counterparts. Because they’re meant to define your pout, being high in pigment is a given. Frankly, you can replace your lipsticks with them too. Furthermore, blend it with Vaseline for a balmy finish, smudge it on your lips for a popsicle stain, or you could dab some on your cheeks for an au natural blush. Some even push their luck and swipe it on as eyeshadow pencils.
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  • One Man Army: Beauty Heroes That Do It All - 5

    What: Translucent Powder

    How: As the ultimate hero that completes your look by setting your makeup, increases its longevity and blots your t-zone. But that’s what it’s famous for. If you’re smart about it, you can exploit it to add volume on your eyelashes right before your mascara. Dab it on your lipstick for a matte finish. And sprinkle it on your cheeks to avoid eyeshadow spills. Back when the baking technique came to the fore, the only way we achieved it was with translucent powder.
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