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Our Editors Tear Down Beauty Stereotypes

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An oft told story about a fair and lovely childhood. A 21-inch waist and knee length hair.  Sure, media literacy helped us fight ridiculous beauty standards, but ever spared a thought for what we let social do to us? It’s safe to say that time’s up and your inner self calls for some self-acceptance and lovin’. Let’s put it this way. If your appearance is on the forefront of your mind, welcome awareness to the veil of sexism – you too have been a victim of male gaze and a million unattainable beauty standards. But you should know that the personification of beauty has changed, slowly and surely.
If you don’t know what goes behind Kylie’s seemingly raw, #IWokeUpLikeThis ‘Instagram look’, where have you been? With a team of professionals airbrushing and obsessing over a look, how can it not look (well) ‘perfect’? If you ask us, there’s no reason to beat yourself up while scrolling down a feed that shows the highlighted reels of every one’s life. If you’re as eager to shatter the oppressive and archaic beauty stereotypes as us, this one’s for you.
Here’s to celebrating ‘imperfections’; freckles, grey hair, chubby everything, the ‘tomboy’ look, here’s to celebrating beauty that’s not about being so boxed in that it loses its shape anyway.

Read on to know what beauty standards and stereotypes some of our editors broke free from.

Our Editors Tear Down Beauty Stereotypes - 1
“You’d like some of my concealer before we head?
“Umm, no thanks. I like my skin the way it is, pimples and all.”
Zoya Dadarkar
Asst. Content Manager
Girls with acne are not pretty. Rather than covering up her acne ‘issues’, Zoya prefers to free herself from the pressure of concealing them. Now we’re not saying she hates makeup, you HAVE to see her excitement over new lip shades. Here’s to applying makeup for color up, not cover up! Considering how easy and accessible filters, photoshop apps or treatments are, it becomes difficult for some of us to even leave the house without concealing scars. They’re a part of you, embrace them.
“Why don’t you try this recipe. It’s uber effective.”
“The only recipe I need is two portions of happiness, a dash of tolerance, a cauldron of confidence with a sprinkling of sass”.
Vinita Dsouza
Senior Editor – Nykaa Network
Aren’t you hungry already? Besides constant “trendy” reminders, Vinita feels more than adequate within herself.  We live in times where our main perpetrator called social media blurs visions of real and virtual. And we’re proud to say, she truly is an inspiration for it. Still think slim = beautiful? It’s time to upgrade from this ‘gold standard’ to a world of blissful realism. A world that’s better for all-of-us.
Our Editors Tear Down Beauty Stereotypes - 2
Our Editors Tear Down Beauty Stereotypes - 3
“This one’s a bright lipstick. You might want to try the dark nude.”
“Haha whaaa? , Haha I’m good. I really am”.
Mousree Paul
Senior Editor – Beauty Book
Every time Mousree hears this comment, she takes it to be the same inner voice she stopped listening to years ago. Nothing stops her from wearing the colors she loves. We think she looks gorgeous, we bet you think so too! Here’s to dusky women wearing any and every shade they want to. Here’s to breaking rules. Here’s to the simple funda of my life, my rules!
Makeup, like color, is a choice, just like everything else is. Why must you not go ahead and express with a lip shade you like? Inspired ‘nuff?
“Grey strands are a sign of old age. Why don’t you get them colored?.”
“Well they’re a sign of wisdom too. That’s the stereotype I’d like to stick to.”
Vinita Daga
Senior Editor – Nykaa Network
Okay to go grey but not have grey hair naturally? What are we talking about? Vinita follows the grey hair movement just as she must! Natural or supernatural, we say grey hair, just like any other hair looks super with a smile. It is neither slack, nor boring or orthodox. It can sure be tempting to head to salon and hide your naturals, but unless it’s something you really want, we say embrace those 50 shades with all the oomph!
While we work on freeing ourselves from all stereotypes we’re SO done with, we’d love for you to join us. Embrace something you’ve been aching to embrace since a while. We’ll find you under the hashtag #ThinkAgainWithBB. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @nykaabeautybook
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