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Out Now: The All-New Nykaa BlendPro Makeup Brush Set

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Every makeup enthusiast knows how important it is to have multiple makeup brushes in their arsenal. And simply because of the sheer number of different kinds of brushes, knowing which one is for what purpose can often be a daunting task. To make the world of makeup brushes a little less intimidating, Nykaa Cosmetics has created its very own must-have, all-you-need range. The Nykaa BlendPro Makeup Brush Set has 10 ultra-soft, uber-luxurious brushes in a rose gold (LOVE!) finish that will give you that perfect flawless finish.

Want to know what to use for what? Read on…

But First, Base

We all know it’s all about that base. This range has got it right with brushes specifically designed to give you that even-toned, flawless finish. From the flat Foundation Brushthat gives quick coverage and seamless blending to the Concealer Brush that blurs away those unsightly imperfections, you’ve got your pick. For the loose or pressed powder user, there’s a Powder Brush that’s round and fluffy and is just what you need to blend your base makeup giving you even coverage and a smooth finish. If you’re looking for one brush that does it all, this range has the Stippling Brush which is ideal for liquid, cream or powder base products. With its fluffy, flat surface, it creates that airbrushed look that needs #NoFilter in all those selfies. P.S: It works wonders for blush too.

Get Cheeky

Sculpted cheekbones are the new in thing and if you want to join the bandwagon, this angled plush Contour Brush is exactly what you need. Ideal for liquid, cream or powder products, it blends your contour product seamlessly into your skin allowing it to hug all the sharp angles of your face. If you’re looking to get your glow on, this expertly-crafted, fan Highlighting Brush is just what you need to create that feather-like highlighted effect on your cheekbones and bridge of your nose. Glow from within – check! And for a natural flushed look, there’s a Blush Brush to add a burst of color to your cheeks. Trust us, your natural features will pop like never before and those Greek Goddess compliments just won’t stop coming.

Eyes, Eyes, Baby

Doing pro-level eye makeup was already hard enough without adding various brushes to the mix. But Nykaa Cosmetics has made things simple with these three essential eyeshadow brushes. Start off with the flat Eyeshadow Application Brush that provides great pickup and even better transfer without any fallout. Add some definition to your eyes with the Angular Eyeshadow Brush which, with its angular sleek brushes, gives concentrated color pay-off. And then there’s the Eyeshadow Blending Brush that will make your transition color look flawless. This fluffy blush packs just the right amount of color and blends it smoothly over your crease. That sultry smoky eye and those sunset lids are now so easy to pull off so flutter away!
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