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Pack on the Papaya: Products We Love

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We’re not the ones to pick favorites, but if you asked us about the one fruit we would never give up, it would have to be the grand ol’ Papaya. And boy, oh boy, do we have reasons for it. It’s not only delicious, but it’s also exploding with benefits. We’re talking antioxidants, anti-aging, skin-brightening and healthy vitamins (especially B and C!) to name a few. Not to mention, it smells like a vacation in the tropics! But if you think that you’re going to have to eat a whole Papaya in a single sitting for visible results, think again. Simply mashing it up and slathering it onto your face can work wonders too. And if that isn’t your cup of tea either, here’s an edit of our favorite Papaya-infused products, and their best uses:

1. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub Used for: De-tanning

We’re truly grateful for all the sunshine we get, but NOTHING, and we mean nothing, can prepare us for a horrendous tan. Lucky for us, Biotique has a pretty stellar remedy for it. This scrub comes in a cute little tube, and contains Papaya enzymes, which gently dissolve the damaged surface cells to reveal supple, glowing and plump skin. The formula is effective to the T - you can see the difference in just the first application! You might want to stock up on this product before summer rolls in every year.

2. Nykaa Skin Secrets Gooseberry + Papaya Sheet Mask Used for: Fading Blemishes

Whether it’s a result of your bout with acne or the after effects of Aunt Flo’s recent visit, blemishes can be a real pest, and fading them can take a full blown arsenal of products. But don’t raid your vanity cupboard just yet. This sheet mask is literally the solution in a packet. It’s packed with Papaya extracts, which when combined with Gooseberry, goes three layers deep to reduce the appearance of scars and bring out a clear, bright complexion. Get set to get the glow that you’ve always wanted.

3. Khadi Natural Saffron Papaya Anti-Wrinkle Cream Used for: Anti-Aging

We’re all for aging gracefully, and we definitely think that you should embrace turning older in all its wrinkled glory. But what’s the harm in pushing the appearance of your first wrinkle to a little later, right? We’re complete fans of this cream for how natural it is. You already know that Papaya contains a chock full of antioxidants. So alongside purifying your skin, this cream is also going to plump it up, fade dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines and protect it from sun damage. Not to mention, it’s so natural that you won’t even have to hesitate to use it even before you turn 30!

4. VLCC Papaya Fruit Single Facial Kit Used for: Even-toned Skin

The unfortunate truth is that, as brown-skinned beauties, our skin is quite prone to pigmentation. But achieving even-toned skin doesn’t have to be a distant dream, it’s only a facial away. This facial kit unleashes the goodness of Papaya enzymes to slough off the dull patches of skin, revealing fresher and more even-toned skin. And, and, and… this can be achieved in only a few steps.

5. Tjori Papaya Face Gel Used for: Saggy Skin

Whether it’s on your upper arms or under the chin, we don’t think we can make our peace with saggy skin. And despite slaving away on the treadmill or picking up weights heavier than yourself, it barely tightens up in a short amount of time. This is why you NEED the Tjori Papaya Face Gel. It’s packed into a beautiful (and very exquisite, if we may say!) jar, and is brimming with Vitamin A. All you have to do is massage it into your skin to increase the circulation of blood underneath. It’s also soothing to the skin, which is why you need to add it to your summer skincare regime.

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