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Pack Your Bags With These Mini Travel Saviors

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Travel Hair Kit

We all have that one vacation photograph in which our hair shows visible signs of betrayal. Think: Monica’s bird’s nest in the Barbados episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  So, it’s safe to say that holiday hair nightmares are real and definitely not the stuff of flattering vacay pics. When you’re on the road, your hair needs a lot of attention, but no, you don’t need to pack all those cumbersome beauty tools to keep it in place. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to get cornrow braids or wear hats though. Simply pack your vacation bag with these travel-sized beauty tools. These nifty appliances will work even if you’re travelling to a humid country (hello, Frizz!) or if you plan to stay in the pool a lot (hello there, Dryness!).

Must-haves in your mini travel hair kit:

Travel Hair Styling Kit – Travel Hot Brush

1. Corioliss Travel Hot Brush

If there’s one brand that knows its brushes well, it’s Corioliss. It’s only a blessing that their Travel Hot Brush comes in a mini, travel-sized version too. With its heat-protective bristles, the brush detangles and straightens out strands in one go. Remember the frizz we talked about earlier? This hot brush will fight it all and give you a smooth, finished look. What’s even more exciting is that it comes in three different colours — black, coral and teal. Matching it with your travel outfits won’t be such a bad idea, right?

2. BaByliss Travel Hair Dryer

Like hair dryers weren’t our favorite already, the BaByliss Travel Hair Dryer wins our vote for the small wonder that it is. With an output of 1200W, this dryer has got some horsepower. To top it off, it’s foldable handle makes it super handy. The beauty savior even comes with a storage bag — throw it in your travel hair styling kit without blinking an eye. It’s only worth mentioning that its narrow centric nozzle will dry each and every section of your hair super-efficiently. You will be blown away just like we are.

Travel Hair Tools Set – Travel Hair Dryer
Travel Hair Kit – Wella Professionals Hair Dryer Compact

3. Wella Professionals Eimi Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion + Babyliss D212E Hair Dryer Compact

Are you travelling to a party destination this summer, because you need these styling twos in your travel bag — Wella Professionals Eimi Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion + Babyliss D212E Hair Dryer Compact. Start by drying your hair with the compact, powerful hair dryer and follow it up with a lightweight hair lotion. The BB lotion will tame all the frizz, repair any heat damage and moisturize your strands in an instant. The end result: smooth, shiny hair.

4. Ikonic Professional Mini Pro Iron Hair Straightener (Red)

In the long list of must-have beauty tools on-the-go, we can’t manage without a hair straightener. Thank god for the Ikonic Professional Mini Pro Iron Hair Straightener (Red), that will give you that fresh, out-of-salon look on your holiday. The iron heats up in only 60 seconds and its ceramic coated plates will straighten your hair, while protecting you from any heat burns. Sleek and stylish is going to be your look, even in the hottest summer destinations. You cannot miss this in your travel hair tools set!

Travel Hair Styling Kit – Ikonic Mini Pro Iron Hair Straightener
Travel Hair Tools Set – Mini Car Styler Hair Straightener

5. Corioliss GoGo 12V Mobile Mini Car Styler Hair Straightener

What’s better than a regular straightener? A mini one that you can use in your car! Meet your stylist on-the-go, Corioliss GoGo 12V Mobile Mini Car Styler Hair Straightener. All you need is a 12v outlet in your car for an effortless hair fix. With its hotter, smarter and faster titanium plate technology, the iron takes only 30 seconds to heat up. You read that right — it’s uber quick. And, you aren’t restricted to only straightening — go all out with bangs and curls too.

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