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Party Animals & Their (beauty) Pets

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The party season’s your ticket to break out from the classic red lip and smokey eye. What better time to go crazy? Ever thought how our seasoned (and celebrated) party animals swing it? Exiting a night club looking exactly how you did when you entered is a herculean task only they seem to rack up. Make-up artists on speed dial, you’d assume? Not necessarily. Before your social calendar fills up by the rafters, learn how to shine like star, pronto.

This December, we sought party makeup tips from perennial partiers that’re tinsel-town sweethearts.

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    Party Starter: Priyanka Bose

    “My after-party routine is more hectic than anything else. I’ll never sleep with a full face on, no matter what my condition. I’ll always ensure I’m squeaky clean with makeup removers. I also drink a lot of water, I’ve realized it plumps my skin for better results. Aside from these, I keep a check on my mascara and lip balm before stepping out. Even my eye brows need to be intact and if I’m using kohl, I stick to brown (not black) liners. I’m a sucker for lipsticks – if it’s dark I’ll ensure it won’t budge and is set properly while a nude lip will always have a lip balm on standby. I’m chill even with my hair. Short or not, I let them loose.”

    Nykaa’s Glam Squad:

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  • Party Starter: Vicky Kaushal

    “I don’t usually put in that much of an effort, even if it’s a party I’m headed to. But I do swear by my essentials, like I won’t step out without a deodorant, (oddly, perfumes aren’t my thing). On bad hair days, I wear a cap while on good hair days – I embrace (rather flaunt) my curls with hair wax. A pet peeve is not maintaining a clean stubble. I can’t stand it when men take it for granted and walk around looking straggly.”

    Nykaa’s Glam Squad:

    L'oreal Professionnel Homme Clay Strong Hold Matt Clay, Nike Red Man Deo Spray and Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Essentials Value Kit

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    Party Starter: Aakanksha Singh

    “I love my natural curls which is why I prefer to keep it open at every opportunity I get. Otherwise, you’ll see me sport a chic man bun, twist or braid at the front whenever I’d like to perk things up. I’m a less is more person, even with my makeup I stick by it. I cover my undereye with concealer, roll on mascara and define my eyes with liner. They’re my favorites. And lipstick of course that’s a must. Shades of reds and browns are my weakness.”

    Nykaa’s Glam Squad:

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  • Party Starter: Kanishtha Dhankar

    “Strike a balance between not trying too hard yet having fun with your statement. I usually keep it simple by pulling my hair back, liquid foundation, lip tint, peach blush and I curl my lashes and swipe just a tad bit of mascara. Must I turn it up some more, then I put the spotlight on either my lip or eye. Like a wine lip with no mascara. Or a bright red pout with a gold glaze on my apples. Or a bold swipe of eyeliner and a glossy, nude lip.”

    Nykaa’s Glam Squad:

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    Party Starter: Paloma Monnappa

    “I’m obsessed with mascara and layer a LOT of it on a night out. It makes such a huge difference. Even filling in your brows for that matter. Maybelline’s Brow Pomade is my go-to cause so easy to glide and is super quick. I love the way a bronzer gleams through the night. I always rouge some on my apples and body. To think of a rule I follow, it’s either using a nice lip colour or going bold with my eyeliner.”

    Nykaa’s Glam Squad:

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