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Party Smart! Cut The Calories In Your Fave Drinks

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Sure all that work stress does kinda justify your weekend pub seshs but that’s no excuse for letting your healthy lifestyle go for a complete toss. So we’ve taken on the role of your virtual dietician and curated a super-informative list of all the fattening bar drinks you’ve been guzzling with abandon.

Here are the healthy alternatives (alcohol with the least calories) :  

  • Bloody Healthy Mary

    A regular with the vodka-cranberry? That’ll be 200 calories a pop. And who stops at just one anyway? Swap that with a glass of Bloody Mary and bring down the count to 120 calories. Bonus: The tomato juice and celery make it an unmatched, nutrient-rich choice. Goes without sayin’, we’ve switched parties already.

  • So Damn Neat

    So, the ignorant would say that a gulping a glass of neat whiskey is bad news, but we know better. Since a 60ml shot of whiskey counts a minimum of 160 calories, diffusing it with calorie-rich, aerated drinks doesn’t make sense. If you’re not a neat baby, drop in a cube of ice for that on-the-rocks feel.

  • Make That A Martini

    If you’re a sucker for the classic combination of gin and tonic, listen up close. A decent shot of G&T can mess with your liquor diet since it clocks in 200 calories approximately. A smarter way to enjoy gin without shushing the gym junkie in you is by ordering a gin martini. A serving has only 120 calories and that’s including the olive on the side. YAASS!

  • A Flute Of Fitness

    To fellow wine lovers, we’ve gotta say this with a heavy heart. A single bottle of wine has a whopping 625 calories. Though a glass roughly comprises of 125 calories, we do tend to enjoy wine a little more than its peers. Consider moving over to some classy champagne this season. A flute of bubbly has only 80 calories! *OMG* 

  • Tempted By Tequila?

    Tequila shots are fun during the night but sweating out all those calories the morning after can be a bummer. The bigger problem with shots is that you eventually end up losing track of the number you’ve downed. Play it smart. Keep your body and pocket happy; order a single shot, splash up with soda and extra lime. Then sip for a long time.

  • A Rum-tastic Night

    Every drinking group has one rum loyalist and the smirk on your face says its probably you. If you’ve been heading straight for the rum and coke at every house party, you ought to know that a glass contains about 150 calories which, honestly, isn’t that bad. However, ditch the coke for diet coke and that’ll make it 50 calories less. Not a bad deal, eh?

  • Cheers To Beer

    You’re a certified beer chugger if pints and pitchers are your sole motivation for life. But, shunning that beer belly and working towards a bikini-bod requires a lot of control. Since lagers, stouts, and ales have an average calorie content of 200, we’d say you stick to a light, low-on-alcohol beer that’ll range anywhere between 60 to 100 calories.

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