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PARTY STASH: Clutch Essentials For Major Eye Candy Vibes

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Real talk. The last time you cleaned out your handbag, you probably found crumpled receipts, loose change and a piece of gum long past its prime. Well, truth be told, these are pretty pointless when you want to fix your face this party studded season. You’ll want these essentials listed below for those dusk to dawn soirees.  Let’s get down to business, shall we? Alright then.

Here are the party-wear makeup tips & essentials: 

  • Super Base

    Since the party season is right here and all-nighters loom large, puffy under-eye dilemmas and stubborn dark circles are a distinct possibility. You need to throw in a good concealer in your clutch. Brewed from our very own in-house line, we just can’t stop using the Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation Stick Conceal Contour & Corrector. A single swish of the stick promises to keep you looking fresh and creaseless. Oh and it contours and corrects too. Yaas.

  • Cease Grease

    What are the products we fall back on when our skin isn’t behaving? Probably tissues, a trusty powder puff compact or buckets of foundation to cover it all up. Tackle this problem with the Dromen & Co Green Tea Blotting Paper. These sheets are just what you need to subdue overly hardworking sebaceous glands. Pull out this miracle sheet and dab on your problem areas to soak up all that extra shine.

  • Coquettish Tint

    Bleek lips ain’t pretty, especially when you’re socializing. Do yourself a favor and carry your balm at ALL times. For those who like a quick multitasker, OMORFEE Rose Tinted Lip Salve is your answer. Ideal for chapped pouts, this creamy formula is nourishing to the lips and has just the right amount of pigment to lift your complexion. So, when you detect a flaky lip situation while sipping on that Cosmo, sneakily reach out for this wonder formula for that just-kissed flush of natural pink.

  • Sheen Queen

    Dab. Swish, Shine. Don’t be afraid to pile on the highlighter.  Bank on this power player when the look falls dull. Offering a sheer wash of shimmering light without a hint of sparkle, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shadow & Shimmer - Gold is designed to imitate the effect of being cast in the most flattering light possible. The only thing that’s gonna shine better than you on that dance floor, are your killer cheekbones. Because if you can’t shine in the holiday season, when can you?

  • Lush Flush

    Who needs a blush when you got Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain? The great thing about a lip and cheek stain is that when it’s good, people don’t even notice it’s makeup. Naturally sheer and startling on all complexions, this high performing formula is a cult for a reason. Plus it's kiss-proof (tee-hee).  The real allure of this product is the color boost that fades into a summery flush. So even if it gets humid after shaking a leg on the dance floor, this beauty looks even better on your skin when it’s melty. Ok, now that’s dope.

  • Good Girl Gone Bad

    Warning! You might just ditch your classic go-to perfume pick after you get your hands on this, ladies. Born from the legendary House Of Herrera, yes we’re talking about the most talked about beauty couture of the season, the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum. A little splish splash of this liquid of love and you’re sorted. Pretty enough to warrant buying for the bottle alone, it’s fortunate that the scent fulfills expectations as well. If you’re looking for something powerful, sexy and unlike every other evening fragrance, then this one’s for you mah love.

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