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Perfumes 2.0: Same, Same But Different

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When it comes to perfumes, everyone has a type. One that you don’t mess with. They’ve perhaps even challenged the axiom by being our only constant. And our sentiments go beyond the scent we identify ourselves with. So, when this generation introduces to us a new wave of perfumes, you can imagine our defiance? The only hiccup is that these new-age perfumes are pretty up to snuff. Turn a blind eye, and you’ll truly be missing out. Not just in terms of keeping up, but even in terms of doing your skin good. ’Cause that stuff’s important.

So, with an open mind, get the lowdown on all the new olfactory trends. You won’t be sorry.

1. Travel Mini

Miniatures aren’t exactly utilitarian. Often, we lose track that we even have them on. Whereas the tinier 30 ml bottles, fail to give the satisfaction of the spritz. So, travelling usually means compromising on ‘our’ beloved scent. Well, not anymore. Nykaa launches its Moi range of six perfumes in sleek, travel sizes that also boasts of a spritz.

Try: Moi By Nykaa Travel Spray Perfume

2. Perfume Oils

Just the concept itself is a winner. To think of it, oils are dense in texture, which means they’ll last longer. They’re sticky, which means their scent will linger for much, much longer. They’re nourishing, which means you can wear it directly on your skin. Alcohol isn’t a worry nor is the expense. And, they’re even gender neutral. Sold!

Try: The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume Oil

3. Stick Bars

This generation is all about the convenient care. And stick bars serve both purposes. The renowned brand launches three variants, Bebe Bunny, Juicy Bunny and Bloom Bunny that’s adorable, compact and easy to apply all the while moisturizing your skin. Plus, you can layer up for a stronger scent without worrying about discoloration. Yoohoo!

Try: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar

4. Hair Perfume

What your shampoo can’t do, your hair perfume does. It gives your hair a personality that no haircare essential can match. Internationally, the trend has spread like wildfire. And finally, it’s set to make a splash in India with Mimesis. Infused with natural ingredients, they also improve your hair’s texture. Actually, you can even spray it on your body without facing repercussions.

Try: Mimesis La Possibilité D'une Fleur Eau De Parfum

5. Solid Deodorants

Yesterday’s roll-on deodorant is today’s solid bar. Only, that they’ve gotten smarter over time. The concept of blocking you from sweating to eliminate body odor gave rise to natural deodorants. These melt-on-your-fingertips emulsions do as their supposed to, de-odor-ize, by neutralizing bacteria instead. In fact, now you can apply them on all your pulse points, not just your armpits.

Try: VILVAH Rose & Vanilla Deo Shot

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