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Pick-Me-Up Eye Masks That Work in Under Ten Minutes

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Four and a half hours of sleep on Tuesday, five hours on Wednesday...does this sound all too familiar? If you’re not one of those people who hit the pillow at 9 p.m. and barely manage to get “eight hours of beauty sleep” couple of times a week, then you must know the feeling of waking up to unsightly, circles, lines and puffiness beneath your sleep-deprived eyes. That’s because the skin around the eye area is extremely fragile and it takes very little for it to start looking puffy, and congested.

And while, a concealer can brighten, strategically hide any darkness and even lift your fatigued-looking peepers, they can only do so much. That’s why you need to call in the big guns a.k.a eye masks. Yup, these little guys pack a punch of good-for-you ingredients such as Ceramides, Glycerine, Cucumber and Vitamins that work instantly to shrink your under-eye bags, hydrate and revive, all in under 10 minutes. Need we say more?

Specifically formulated to tackle it all—pesky puffiness, dehydration and dark circles and designed to fit the curves and contours of our delicate periorbital area, we won’t deny that eye masks have secured an extra special spot in our skincare routine. 

Follow us for a grand tour of the best eye masks out there…

1. The Overnight Sensation

Multitasking at its best: catch up on sleep and cater to your skin’s night-time needs with this jelly overnight mask. It draws in serious moisture, purifies skin, thanks to its unique Sleep Tox technology and leaves it plumped, glow-y and hydrated. Tip: It works best if you start with a small amount (as much formula as you would use if it were a face oil) and dab it on until it’s fully absorbed. Did you know, one is sold every 12 seconds, so if that’s not enough to convince you to try this what will?

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2. Stay Bright Eyed

These crescent-shaped eye patches are packaged in a yin-yang pattern in a cute little jar. The hydrogel feels like jelly on your skin and adheres even closer than its cotton counterparts. Formulated with moisturising Hibiscus flower extract and brightening Orange flower extract, this eye mask leaves your eyes extra illuminated—worthy of skipping concealer.

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3. Stand Firm

If firming and tightening is your main goal, then these collagen-infused eye patches are what you need in your life. They increase skin elasticity in under 15 minutes!! Yup, that’s right. Plus, they’re also great for reducing those pesky dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, making them an absolute must-have if your under-eyes are ruining your looks. Use them whenever you need to, early mornings and late nights are all fair game. 

Nykaa Recommends: ETUDE HOUSE Collagen Eye Patch

4. Smooth Operator

Put on these patches on and watch your under-eye area magically appear smoother and firmer (at least temporarily). Since it’s formulated with Snail Mucin, Aloe Vera, and Gold tea ferment, all hydrating and soothing ingredients, expect your skin under your eyes to be supple and smooth. And, if you want an extra soothing boost, try popping them in the fridge before popping them on.

Nykaa Recommends: TONYMOLY Timeless Ferment Snail Eye Mask

5. Turn Back Time

We love this bouncy textured mask that wraps around your eye contours to seal in hydration and firm up skin, all in one go! The combination of Cucumber and Stem Cell extracts tackle fine lines, wrinkles and even diminish dark circles with zero effort. It's the perfect fix for when you’re tired and need an instant pick-me-up. 

Nykaa Recommends: The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Bouncy Eye Mask

6. Hydration Hero

Sleep deprived? No one's gonna know after using this wondrous mask-in-gel. The antioxidants work alongside French Vosges SPA Water to deliver a blast of moisture, deep into the delicate skin, leaving it plumper and smoother. What’s more? You won’t have to spend a week's salary on it.  

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