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Picture-perfect Spring/Summer Nykaa Nail Polishes for every skin tone

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Yep, you read that right. Ladies, it is time to face reality: NOT every shade of nail-polish looks good on every skin-tone. There, we said it! We give you a minute to accept the above fact. *breathe in, breathe out* Now, scroll down and restore your faith in the beauty universe by discovering the most flattering spring/summer shades, tailor-made for your skin-tone!
For dark/dusky skin toned damsels
The trendiest shade to strut this season, this brighter-than-the-stars purple is a definite must-have.
Easily the edgiest shade from the spring/summer collection, one stroke of this will make your skin tone POP the right way.
Apply this pristine shade and bathe in its magical perfection!
Stop and stare every time you peep at your peach-soufflé tinted fingers!
For Medium/wheatish skin toned bellas
Give pretty in purple a whole new meaning with this sought-after shade. I mean come on, who would NOT want the goodness of cupcakes on their pinkies?
This shade is OH-SO-SEXY. Sport it with your favorite summer dress and drown in sighs of envy from your gal pals.
Let every-day feel like the perfect summer get-away, thanks to the goodness of pomegranates on your fingernails!
Our Blue Lime Slush has just the right amount of swag to give summertime a run for it's money! Be the belle of brunches by pulling off the coolest shade from the collection on your nails.
For fair skin toned beauties
Believe us when we say, it is the CUTEST shade of blue around and the most perfect one to battle summertime sadness.
Allow your nails to do the talking and what better style mate than our Sugar Frosting, which walks the perfect walk with a pink that melts hearts.
Let your nails shine brighter than the Sun. Pop and sparkle with Orange Fizz that spells summer on your nails!
A scoop of divinity please? Slurp your way this summer and Blackcurrant gelato makes love to your pinkies!
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