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Ponds Skin Fit Range Is Workout Friendly Too!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that workout skincare is a thing. Yep, you read that right! This is because, while exercising and sweating it out is oh-so-good for your skin (Re: that elusive post workout glow and oodles of collagen), it also comes with its own set of problems: think, open pores that attract dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. Result: spinning with a side of breakouts. Yikes!

This is exactly where the The Ponds Skin Fit Range comes to play. Encompassing two pre-workout and three post-workout products tailored for fitness enthusiasts, these protect your skin from external aggressors and clean, cool, soothe your skin.

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1. Pre-Workout TLC: Ponds Skin Fit High Performance Pre Work Out Pollution Defence Cream

When the air quality dips, it’s crucial to pick a product that protects you from pollution. Enter Pond's SKINFIT Pre-Workout High Performance Pollution Defence Crème that helps neutralize and repair pollution damage by protecting your skin from dirt, dust, particles and other nasties. Brownie points for the light texture that doesn’t clog your pores or block your skin from the natural process of sweating.

2. Pre-Workout Sun protection: Ponds Skin Fit Pre Work Out High Performance Sunscreen SPF50

Stepping out for outdoor workout activities? Make sunscreen your best friend. The Pond's SkinFit Pre-Workout High Performance Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ UVA UVB helps protect your skin from five signs of sun damage aka fine lines, dark spots, tanning, redness and uneven skin tone. Not to forget, it’s water resistant and does not clog your pores. A complete win-win.

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3. Post Workout Quickie: Ponds Skin Fit Post Workout Instant Cooldown Wipes

Gentle cleansing on the go? These instant refreshing wipes are just what you need. Not only do they help remove oil, sweat and dirt to keep your skin clean after an intense workout sesh, but also make for a quick fix when you are on the move. Plus, these are multi-taskers and can be used for removing makeup as well. Va va voom.

4. Post Workout Cleansing: Ponds Skin Fit Post Workout Cooldown Scrub Facewash

As you work out, you sweat and pores open up; however, if your skin doesn't cool down soon after, it’s open day for aggressors and pollutants. This is exactly where this product comes in. The pH balanced cleanser soothes burning sensation, cools down your skin and provides instant relief. Plus, it also helps remove dirt, dust, oil, pollutants and dullness. Result: Refreshed and healthy skin in jiffy!

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5. Post Workout Hydration: Ponds Skin Fit Post Workout Cooldown Hydrating Gel

Looking for a product that de-stresses, hydrates and re-balances your skin post your hectic workout? Well make this your constant. The light-weight non-sticky gel moisturiser protects skin from dryness, cools down skin and provides oodles of hydration by replenishing lost moisture. Oh, and it will give you that elusive post-workout glow. Ooh, aah!

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