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Balayage Hair Color

Another day, another shade added to the sea of hair colors. But you seem to have a love-hate relationship with this whole hair color trend going on around you. You would love to take a dip in the water but are very skeptical about how natural it would finally look. Enter: Balayage. Now you must have heard this word randomly thrown around in passing conversations at your regular salon but never really wondered what this fancy term meant. So, first let’s get down the basics.


What is Balayage

First things first, balayage is pronounced as bah-lay-ahge (we know that can be tricky) and it is a hair coloring technique. Derived from the French word, balayer, meaning ‘to sweep’.

What makes the balayage technique such a crowd puller? It gives your hair a multi-tonal finish with a play of contrast that appears natural. Think of it this way – a smooth transition from dark to light along the lengths of your hair. The natural color of your hair appears to seamlessly fuse with the dye color to create a graduated highlighting effect in the balayage hair color technique.

Also, for the cautious ones who’re always planning a step ahead, let us tell you that the growing out phase of balayage highlights aren’t as ugly and stark as other highlights. You can, basically, go for longer without random people advising you to book an appointment with your stylist.


Balayage Hair Colors

Now that you’ve got a hang of this trend, let’s get those fingers scrolling and discover a bayalage shade that will sweep you off your feet, shall we.

Unicorn Balayage

1. Unicorn balayage

Well, last night you sure did swap your regular glass of rum and coke for a vibrant glass of the most potent cocktail, didn’t you? Do the same to your mane, too. The unicorn balayage is all about throwing in variations of pretty pastel colors into a mix that will make heads turn. We’re talking pink, lilac, buttercup, aqua, and pistachio. Why bother finding ways to drive away the Monday blues when you’re sporting the most mythical hue on your own head? Tress Gods say a big damn YASS!

What we love: Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream - Ice Mauve No. 75

2. Burgundy balayage

Sign up to be a part of the burgundy tribe and you won’t regret it. Think of this balayage color as a deep red shade tending towards brown with purple undercurrents. The highlights jar the eyes but at the same time, frame your face with a subtle velvety finish. The beauty of this versatile shade is that spans in permutations from warmer to cooler hues and can flatter almost every complexion. Think of it like the good ol’ LBD in your closet. The safest choice to fall back on and still come out looking like a million bucks.

What we love: LOreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color - 3.16 Burgundy

Burgundy Balayage Highlights
Red Balayage using Balayage Technique

3. Red balayage

There’s always a fiery red hue for everyone. Olive, dusky or fair, red can do the trick on them all. Go for muted reds or vibrant reds and up your redhead game like nobody’s business. The right red shade can draw out the paleness of your complexion, enhance your eye color and frame your face brilliantly. Honestly, we feel this color works with you on all levels to bring out the best in you so time to finally show red the green light, if you know what we mean.

What we love: Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color - 6.60 Intense Red

4. Blonde balayage

Be ready to make your features pop with sandy blonde highlights. These sun bleached highlights can effortlessly bring about a gorgeous contrast against both light and dusky skin tones. The yellow and platinum undertones add warmth to pale skin while supporting a transition from dark roots to light ends in case of a balayage on black hair. If you’re still skeptical, think of Taylor Swift’s blonde mane and you will hear ‘You Belong With Me’ ring in your ears.

What we love: Streax Hair Colour - Golden Blonde 7.3

Balayage Hair Color – Blonde Balayage
Brown Balayage

5. Brown balayage

This comforting brown makes a strong case for you, maybe it’s finally time to ditch your jet-black strands. It might be the most common color on the streets but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Whether you are looking for warm subtle hues to enhance your complexion or rich undertones for a classic appearance, brown balayage on black hair is the way to go. What’s more? Brown highlights accentuate your skin tone while making your locks look really lush.

What we love: LOreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color - 5 Light Brown

6. Caramel balayage

Thick dark chocolate with swirls of caramel makes for an irresistible dessert so don’t be surprised if it works for your tresses too. The beautiful interplay between teases of caramel and a rich brown base, smoothly gliding along the lengths of your hair, gives a fresh twist to the traditional plain ‘ol brown. Paint your locks with swirls of yummy caramel and trust us you won’t be able to get enough of it.

What we love: Garnier Color Naturals Creme Riche Nourishing Hair Better Color - 5.32 Taapsee's Caramel Brown

Caramel Balayage Highlights
Brunette Balayage using Balayage Technique

7. Brunette balayage

Brunette is a pretty take on brown that adds hues of warmth to your hair while uplifting your complexion. There’s a reason why the bayalage brunette is the most coveted hair shade among women. It’s because this earthly color gives you a color boost without being too loud. What makes it flattering, you ask? The depth of this color enhances the pink undertones in your skin, instantly taking years off your face. Anti-aging trick? Sign us up, please.

What we love: L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color - 300 Darkest Brown

How to do Balayage Hair Color on your Own

  1. Begin by sectioning your tresses. Pull the top of your hair and clip it on your head with a hair sectioning clip.
  2. Take your balayage color kit and first wear the hand gloves to keep it less messier and more hygienic.
  3. Prepare your hair dye in a bowl and mix it with the dyeing brush.
  4. Now dip the dyeing brush in the bowl and start coating it along the bristles of your hair brush.
  5. This is the deciding part. Sweep your hair brush along the mid-lengths and towards the ends. To avoid a dip-dye look, make sure you begin coating from varying points along the lengths.
  6. Keep doing this till you have covered all sections. Ensure the strokes are sparser on the up and denser way down.
  7. Now, depending on the color intensity you are seeking and your natural hair color, leave it on for 30 minutes.
  8. Wash your hair with a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner. Let it air dry.
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