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Pore Minimizers That Actually Work

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It’s one of those products you can’t really make your mind up about; you can’t truly shrink your pores but what you wouldn’t give for a pore-less complexion?  Besides, there are products that can make your pores look smaller by getting rid of the gunk and oil trapped inside them. We’ve rounded up the latest crop of pore detoxifiers with key ingredients that make your pores (sort of) disappear. Let the battle begin!
Suitable for all skin types, Kaya’s aah-mazing daily formula gives toning a new definition altogether. Work stress or constant exposure to pollution dulls your skin’s glow. Here’s where Niacinamide, the hero of this alcohol-free toner, comes into play. And soothing botanicals like Cucumber and Witch Hazel provide the correct amount of support. We are sold!
From the pioneer of K-beauty comes a game-changing clay mask. Enriched with Super Volcanic Cluster capsules designed to powerfully absorb sebum, Jeju Volcanic Clay makes this bottle worth every ounce. So as the capsule bursts, the AHA ingredient chemically exfoliates skin while the cooling effect of clay contracts pores to perfection.
In the ABC of skincare, astringents are the A. If the Absolute makeup range had you spell-bound, you have even more reason to trust this one-of-a-kind alcohol-free toner. A pore-fixing agent at heart, Glycerine, Lavender and Witch Hazel Extracts ensure a smooth, glowing complexion. This one’s surely a steal!
The name says it all! Considered a beauty treasure by millions across the globe, this face mask is testament to the fact that huge pores aren’t welcome. Featuring a light-as-air sheet in the lead role, it’s one of the most soft and weightless things you’ve ever put on your skin. In a special appearance is the serum that looks after pore care for the most stunning texture ever!
To say that this Body Shop beauty minimises pores would be an understatement. Infused with organic Tea Tree Oil, it smoothes, primes and mattifies at the same time. Apart from being a forerunner in skincare, this pore minimiser tackles acne-prone skin at the root and also sets an excellent base for makeup. Multitasker, eh?
Get set to transform your shower into an aromatic tea garden, thanks to this latest offering by Plum. Mild exfoliation coupled with the unbeatable fragrance of Green Tea is what makes this cleanser a winner. Add to that the goodness of Glycolic Acid and skin breakouts will soon be a thing of the past.
A superlative product from this dermat-recommended brand stars the patented Fluidactiv complex that reduces sebum production. Cleanses pores and visibly shrinks them. Meanwhile, the antioxidant-rich formula complex increases the skin’s radiance and protects it from external aggressors. Perfect for combination and oily skin.
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