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Pout Away With SUGAR It's A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipsticks

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Blushes, chuckles, and giggles! That’s all we would’ve been in a puddle of, had Adam Levin gate-crashed a wedding that we attended. But since we couldn’t be treated to his rendition of Sugar, we brought our own! A quirky brand that treats our senses to its sheer yummilicious shades. Recently, we got our hands on a new launch by the brand, SUGAR It’s A – Pout Time Vivid Lipstick, tried it, and can’t wait to share our thoughts with you.
But firstly, why SUGAR?
- The slurpy shades that cover all moods and occasions. - The surreptitious pigmentation that furtively conceals minor imperfections of lips, giving a velvety finish. - The in-your-face packaging that makes you want to just grab the product and take it home. - We’re a fan of the texture which glides like a dream on lips. - Oh, we fell in love with the staying power! The flirty stains stay on and on till you remove it.
Now, the shades. Ready for the color pop?
Boom and bang! This is the shade for a no-nonsense lady. The deep berry hues spell power and passion, in capital letters. Wine for the winner, please?
It’s time to break the shackles with this “dare to bare” shade, with pops of rose hues. Get acquainted with your feminine charms, turned on to the max.
How do you spell beauty, mingled with fire? No need to mince your words, just swipe this bold magenta hue on your pout, and let it spell HOT for you.
You go crazy gal! Unleash your whacky side and be proud of it. Get your confidence notches higher with this crunchy coral shade, making a bold statement.
Nude that’s borderline pink or pink that’s borderline nude? Tough to decide and even tougher to resist. This universal shade deserves a place in your kitty today.
A dangerous red that’s out to conquer the world of luscious lippies, never underestimate this timeless shade. Let this be your low-key Cupid on a heart-fluttering date night.
Can’t function without your morning cup of coffee? Take caffeine addiction to another level with this delicious member from the family of browns.
Don’t even get us started on how H.A.W.T rich, burgundy lips look? We’re neck deep in love with this mystical marsala color and we’re not one bit sorry.
A pretty peachy pink color that’ll remind you of summer evenings and beach vacays. Guilty ‘cause your vanity kit’s already overflowing with pinks? Who cares!
If you’ve not been living under a rock, you’re probably already in awe of all those brown-lipped superstars strutting down red carpets. Take cue; hoard on this bold brown right away.
Guess we’re still greedy for pinks. Inspired by the namesake flower, this classic shade promises to hint at mushy romance every time you swish it across your pout.
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