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Pout Perfection: How To make Lipstick Last All Day

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Ladies, we can all agree that on a bad day, there’s always lipstick. And we all want it to last all day long. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has looked into a mirror half way through the day only to realise that the luscious lipstick that I had applied just a few hours ago has long disappeared. Over the years, we’ve mastered the art of making that lipstick last, right from long wear formulas to little tricks that maximise the longevity of that lippie.

Here’s our holy grail to making that lipstick last longer.

  • tips for long lasting lipstick – Apply Lip Balm

    1. Lip Balm Lovin’

    Begin by dabbing on some moisturising lip balm. “It makes my lipstick slide off”, you say? I say not. The key is applying just the right amount. In case you want to be sure dab your lips with a clean tissue paper right after to take off the excess. And, if you own a yummy balm like the Kama Ayurveda Vanilla Lip Balm, this step is just delicious.

  • 2. Line Game Strong

    Line them lippies up well. Not just the border of your lips. Colour the entire lip with the liner. This will give the perfect base for your lip stick to stay on. We recommend toughies like the Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Creme Lip Definer that act like a loyal lover and won’t let go of your lip.

    long lasting lipstick hacks – Line your lips
  • how to make lipstick stay all day – layer with lipstick

    3. Layer Baby One More Time

    Layering that lipstick is key. Start by choosing a liquid lipstick that is long lasting (look out for the ’12 – 24 hrs’ mark) like the Nicka K 24HR Lip Color & Primer. Matte lipsticks work best and form the perfect base to help make that lipstick last longer. Don’t stop there. Always layer liquid lipstick with a matching bullet lippie. This just adds more dimension and makes sure your lipstick stays on comfortably.

  • 4. Translucent Tricks

    If you’re still searching for the best matte lipstick but are stuck with a creamy shade, the translucent powder trick is your savour. After applying lipstick onto your lips, place a tissue paper and dust translucent powder on it. Not only does it make your lipstick last long, it also leaves a flawless matte finish. End by dabbing on some more lipstick for the best long-lasting lipstick effect.

    how to make your lipstick last longer- using translucent powder
  • how to make your lipstick last longer – avoid oily food

    5. Block The Oil Slick

    Oil breaks down lipstick. So, when you eat be careful to keep oily food away from your perfect pout. That doesn’t mean you have to make the weirdest expression when you dine. Eat smaller bite sizes and avoid touching the food and cutlery to your lips.

  • There you have it ladies. With these little tricks in your kitty, those emergency trips to the mirror for touch ups will be a thing of the past.

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