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Prepare To Be Bedazzled By Dazller Eterna

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Launched in 2013, this cosmetic brand has carved a niche for itself in the luxury, herbal space. Boasting of a fully-stocked range of multi-tasking makeup essentials, from foundations that ace your base to fashion-forward fads, we’re looking at you glitter tips - it will have you covered from day to night without a doubt.
Now, getting down to biz, picking the most-loved shades from their newly launched matte lipstick range...It was a tad bit tedious, we must say, swatching and trying on 27 shades is no joke. But after all isn’t that what we love most? So, without further ado, here are our winners that just wouldn’t budge (talk about being long-lasting).
First things first, if you make it your personal goal to own all hues, it’s going to take some time. Rather get started with these coveted steals that’re bound to make you fall head over heels.
One can never go wrong with a trusted brown. Just in time for the retro comeback, this bold brown glides on like satin for velvety soft lips. With mild berry undertones it works effortlessly to enhance Indian skin tones.
More coral than orange, this one’s great for fair to dusky complexions. Swipe it on for a luxuriously matte finish. The creamy texture stays on all day for a mega-watt smile that coyly says, ‘I’m up for any game’.
Call it the ‘perfect pink’ if you will ’cause this mild tint is bound to be your most-trusted bud. For a luscious smile, just throw it in your vanity to jazz up a boring day or add the right amount of oomph to any outfit.
No lipstick face-off will ever be complete without a fiery red. This is a wand so powerful that not only will you feel empowered to conquer the world but after a long day that lip stain from that glass of red won’t show.
With a mix of purple and pink, this is a one-shade-fits-all kind of hue. And even if you’re not in the mood for a serious dose of color, one swipe works wonders. Go over once more and it transforms into a wicked mauve.
Look no further, the nude of the hour is here. With equal parts pretty and potent this blended shade undisputedly takes the crown. Wear it once and you’ll never leave home without it, that’s a promise.
Since a bold, bright mouth is in right now, we’ve saved a spot for a dark pout. Burgundy with a tint of chocolate the lippie settles into a loud bright shade absolutely everyone loves. Anyone contesting?
Great for the upcoming sunny season, this vivid peach adds that bit of subtleness. A day out by the pool or brunch calls for a swipe of this beloved shade. If we’re being totally honest, our editor wears it almost daily.
Prepare To Be Bedazzled By Dazller Eterna - 2
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