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Presents For Pops! An Ideal Father’s Day Gifting Guide

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Isn’t is amazing how daddies have this inexplicable superpower where they just know what we need even before we can ask them? Well, as we inch towards another Father’s Day, it’s time to turn the tables. Match the personality of your life’s first hero and get him a present that speaks volumes.
The Boss At Work
This dad practically spends most of his day in the boardroom, not that we’re complaining. An out-and-out workaholic, he’s both charming and no-nonsense. An ambitious taskmaster, he dresses crisp and talks smooth. Be a good kiddo and help him maintain his well-groomed image. Gift him the Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer and make his (super busy) life a little easier.
Dapper Daddy Cool
He’s the uber-cool dad. From ripped jeans to fancy moustaches, he can carry off anything with utmost élan. Your friends look for a chance to chill with him and rightly so. Liberal, free-spirited and perhaps your BFF for life, your Daddy Cool deserves attention. Gift him the L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard + Face + Hair 3-In-1 Wash + Men Expert Barber Club and score brownie points.
Mr. Popular Choice
He’s literally the social butterfly. From the ’60s laughter club to the teen girl gang, he’s basically the star of every party. When he has got to stop and talk to every random stranger on your way back home, you know you’ve got a pretty popular papa. With such an active social life, one thing your pops needs is the Davidoff Cool Water Mild Deodorant Spray for Men.
Mr. ‘Globetrotter’ Gotta Go Places
Got a dad but don’t get to see him often ’cause—duh—he’s busy travelling the world. We get you. Apart from practically envying your daddy’s jet-setting lifestyle, we know you wanna help him get his life sorted, since he’s mostly living out of a suitcase. For starters, get his travel kit sorted. We’d bet on the MCaffeine Green Tea Quick Face Detox Kit for the frequent flyer kinda fathers.
My Father Fittest
This fitness freak is out the door even before the sun rises. Someone who won’t miss his morning runs for anything, chances are that he can do more push-ups than you. When age is just a number and it’s tough to keep up with an active paa, you need a gift that’s a perfect addition to his healthy lifestyle. We’ve cracked it, get your hands on the Wow Matcha Japanese Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder today to give him Zen concentration and fitness.
Papa Bear Loves Nature
If you’re a sucker for all things organic, chances are you’ve got it from your dad. This cute old man is vegan, can spend all day in his kitchen garden, and believes in the sustainable way of living. Such nature-loving daddies need an equally fitting grooming regime. The Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box - For Men is a herbal superstar that we’d totally recommend for your superstar daddy.
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