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The New Clinique Charcoal Balm Is The Perfect Way For Your Skin To Take The Day Off

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Despite being only a few years shy of 30, I often feel the exasperation reminiscent of my teen years. For someone who grappled with acne growing up, bouts of unwarranted zits appearing all these years later elicit the same band of emotions from me. Distress, disdain and everything in the middle (sighs).

Clinique Charcoal balm

It took me a while to get here, but having discerned my skin trajectory over the years, amassed and applied those learnings on the way— I now ensure to go above and beyond where skincare is concerned. I have an excessively oily skin type, with pores expelling oil like it's nobody's business (no kidding), and its upkeep and maintenance require consistent efforts (there is no room to falter). Read: sticking to a stringent AM/ PM regimen, strictly steering clear of harsh formulas and more.

I may be perpetually on my toes, taking preemptive measures to avoid zits from popping up all over my face, but there are times the impending breakout becomes inevitable. Case in point: Who doesn't fancy getting all glam for a Saturday night out? I know, I do. I spend aeons pouring myself over the makeup look for the night, diligently layering the products (after an elaborate skincare ritual- I never miss) and even longer, meticulously removing my makeup (no matter how groggy I am). And yet, 9 out of 10 times, I wake up to stubborn acne the following morning. So, recently, after a string of such episodes, I sought the help of an expert to circumvent the problem.

Pores on the face (I have large pores - which are pretty much the bane of my existence) allow for makeup (especially when worn for prolonged periods of time) formulations to percolate deep into the skin. Throw into the mix, the exposure to dirt and pollution further aggravating the already sorry state of the clogged, gunk-filled pores and an acne outbreak is unavoidable. Therefore, detoxifying after a long night demanded me to level up, swap my simple cleanser with a formidable solution, which would not take 'NO' for an answer. And so, I surveyed the internet for many-a moons, only to land on this Godsend. Scroll further for the big reveal (jk, you all read the title) and learn about my experience with this incredible product. And why it is a must-have for an after party cleansing ritual!

An Honest Account Of My Experience With Clinique Charcoal TTDO Balm

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Clinique Take The Day Off Charcoal Balm

Clinique — the marquee brand has been touted as the final say in everything skin! This is why when I learnt of their Charcoal TTDO balm, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I have been using the TTDO balm for over the last 15 days and am happy to concur that my episodes of acne have dwindled considerably. The detoxifying balm is tenacious in extracting makeup residues, dirt and even oil from the pores, owing to the presence of Japanese Charcoal. The presence of linoleic acid ensures smooth and nourished skin! The solid balm transforms into a silky oil upon application — thoroughly cleanses the face sans the grease-like after-feel. Only a pin-sized quantity of the offering is enough to easily remove a full face of makeup without any vigorous scrubbing- a problem I have faced with cleansing balms in the past. This heavy-duty offering is aggressive with its intentions but carries out the pertinent task with no noise or fuss whatsoever. The result, however, is a testament to the potency of this balm and, I would recommend adding it to your skin cleansing regimen. The dermatologically-tested, non-stripping balm has been deemed fit for all skin types, so hurry and add one to your cart, STAT!

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