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Professional Hair Brands And Top Products Curated By Nykaa Editors For A Salon-Like Finish At Home

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After a prolonged period of aggravating heat waves across the nation, the monsoon showers come as a welcome change — giving us the much-needed respite from the scorching sun. However, this also means that the imminent hair troubles with the excess humidity are bound to resurface and most of us are torn between rejoicing in the pleasant weather and fretting over our hair woes. Our hair endures a lot on a day-to-day basis, from withstanding the repercussions of the contaminated air it comes in contact with to bearing the brunt of the fluctuating temperatures amongst other external aggravators. Dry ends and an oily scalp are some of the most pertinent monsoon hair challenges one has to circumvent (we are all in the same boat here), but the monsoon frizz continues to be the biggest concern amongst the masses. Combating the challenges aforementioned in this weather can be especially hard as a trip to a salon isn’t always feasible. Things are bound to get trickier on days when social engagements post a long day at work await us (good luck if your hair, like mine, has a mind of its own).

So on days you have dinner parties or other social commitments that you must attend, you obviously can’t show up with your hair in a pony or a messy bun (not the good kind). Luckily, there’s a way to fix that. With Nykaa addressing all your hair-related questions with a special curation of hair products, you can leave your worries at bay (Hi Nykaa Hair Studio!). Spread across four days, some of the most loved professional hair brands are available on superb discounts to make sure you don’t ever have to go experience a bad hair day, ever. And to top it, these offerings are designed specifically to give you a salon-like finish at the comfort of your home. Scroll down for everything you need to know.

L'Oréal Professionnel

L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo with Protein and Gold Quinoa

L'Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Shampoo Sulfate Free

The professional offering under one of the most illustrious hair care brands — L'Oréal has been designed with the intention of intense care and advanced repair. Deficiency of protein makes the hair extremely dry and the ends too brittle, a problem that can be countered with the Absolut Repair Shampoo with Protein and Gold Quinoa, Serie Expert adeptly. During monsoons, due to the excess hydrogen in the atmosphere, the hair strands form hydrogen bonds which further leads to extreme frizz. Inorder to deal with the problem at hand, if you wish to avail a shampoo that is mild, forgoes sulphate and is still effective then highly recommend the X-Tenso Care Shampoo. If you are someone with treated hair but are finding it difficult to maintain it without having to constantly reach for your styling tools, (I know, the flyaways are irksome when you want to ace the high pony), you can try the X-Tenso Care Masque for a sleek and shiny finish at the comfort of your home. To treat fine ends, the Pro Longer Concentrate Treatment For Long Hair With Thinned Ends is a hero product from the same line. The Metal Dx Anti-Deposit Protector Mask Series Expert helps in hair colour retention and curbs hair damage by neutralising the presence of metals in water.


Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Professional 6 in 1 Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair

Matrix Opti Care Smooth Straight Professional Split End Hair Serum for All Hair Types

The formulations used by Matrix in the line of hair care products is hailed as transformatory. A clean and future-proof offering, the brand aims to nip the root problems in the bud while also saving you a trip to your local salon. A good serum is a monsoon essential for uncontrollable frizz and parched thinning ends which is why you must add the Biolage SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Professional 6 in 1 Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair to your cart now. Dealing with menacing split ends, the Opti Care Smooth Straight Professional Split End Hair Serum for All Hair Types, Paraben Free should be your go-to. If your hair feels a little lacklustre and lays flat then the Opti Care Smooth Straight Professional Shampoo with Shea Butter, Frizz-free Hair,Paraben Free will give it a rejuvenated, healthy finish. Team it up with the Opti Care Smooth Straight Professional Conditioner with Shea Butter, Paraben Free if you fancy straight hair without the hassle of using a straightener. You may opt for the Matrix Biolage Smoothproof Smoothing Shampoo to restore the smooth texture of your hair without adding any weight to it.

Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Micellar Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield Serum

A blend of expertise and innovation, the Schwarzkopf Professional range promises maximum repair and nourishment. The Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Micellar Shampoo restores the health of the cuticles and makes it look smooth and buoyant. Peptide is a powerhouse ingredient that seeps into your hair and prevents breakage by increasing the moisture in your hair. Apply the Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Nutri-Shield Serum on damp hair for nourishment and shine. Seeking a smoothing formula? The Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Micellar Shampoo is exceptional for delivering the hair with elasticity and taming the frizz. Using a hair mask once a week is essential for elevating the health of your hair. Get a lush at-home salon-like experience with the SPA Essence Enriching Cream Masque which will give your hair a breather from excessive styling (and we all need that in a way, right?). You may also opt for the Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Masque Treatment for deep conditioning.

Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo

Wella Professionals Elements Renewing

Wella professionals leverage its ability to curate a range of products that address every hair concern under the sun. If you’re looking for a root to tip nourishment that is devoid of sulphates and backed by dermatologists, get your hands on the Elements Renewing Shampoo that restores the moisture in your hair and hence prevents breakage. A weekly hair mask ritual, with the light-weight Elements Renewing Mask is a game changer for people grappling with damaged hair. Alternatively, the Oil Reflections Luminous Reboost Mask fits the bill with regards to maintaining the perfect moisture balance in the hair. For those on the lookout for a shampoo that not only treats stubborn frizz but also accentuates your natural colour, I highly recommend the Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo for instant shine gratification and long term nourishment. Apply a layer of the Elements Calming Serum-Moisturizing Serum For Delicate Or Dry Scalp that moisturises the scalp without hindering its natural pH.


Philips Heated Straightening Brush

Philips BHH81600 Crimp Straighten Or Curl

Looking to style your hair at home? If yes, turn to these reliable styling tools from the seasoned hair care brand that offers everything that you need to ace your favourite hairstyle at home. Straighten your hair with the ease of a hairbrush with the Heated Straightening Brush, ideal for the women on-the-go. For effortless waves or textured crimps get your hands on the Crimp Straighten Or Curl With The Single Tool. For a professional salon blow dry at home, turn to the Hair Dryer BHD356/10 2100w Thermoprotect Airflower. If you are looking for a straightener that delivers an instant shine without compromising the health of your hair, you could go for the Kerashine Titanium Straightener With Silkprotect Technology or the Advanced KeraShine straightener.

Streax Professional

Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum

Streax Professional Hold & Play Funky Colours

With innovation at its core, one of the fastest growing hair care brands - Streax Professional has reinvented the idea of salon - like hair colour at home. Looking to add a hint of colour to the monotony of life? Get your hands on the Hold & Play Funky Colours and get a chance to avail three beautiful shades. The Argan Secrets Hair Colourant Cream gives your hair a rich and intense colour with an impeccable finish that saves you a trip to the salon, while also strengthening your hair from root to tip. Team this up with the Developer for Argan Secrets Colourant - 20 Volume 6% that ensures uniformity and long-lasting streaks. For administering colour retention without compromising the health of your hair add the Canvoline Complete Hair Care Combo to your cart now. It is also a hero product for treated hair. The Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum is a great offering to combat the monsoon frizz and delivers your hair with a rejuvenated, healthy shine.

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