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PSA: Srishti Dixit, Ghost Of Past Sale Was Spotted In The Nykaa Office

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It’s officially sale week, and the Nykaa marketing office is working hard (and some of us on our 20th cup of coffee) to make sure you enjoy the best deals for the hottest sale of the year aka The Hot Pink Sale. But there’s more. The office was privy to some unusual, spooky activities during this massive week that started with a marketing executive actually witnessing a coffee mug floating mid-air (not joking, friends). So, I did some digging and also heard on the grapevine that the quintessential queen of comedy, Srishti Dixit, popularly known as @srishtipatch has been snooping around the office and eavesdropping to get access to exclusive sale information. The comedian embodies ‘The Ghost Of Past Sale’ (you’ll get it when you watch the clip, trust us). Catch Dixit in a gripping episode. If you missed episode 1, you can catch it here.

All The Sale Information Dixit Managed To Access

“The disgruntled Ghost Of Past Sale learns that there are up to 50% discounts on over 1200 brands and that if you are a Nykaa newbie you get 300 rupees off on your first purchase.”

“Your favourite influencers like Deeksha Khurana and Shantanu Dhopé create beauty looks with a range of products that appear on a strip on the app’s window. Shop The Look lets you recreate these very looks from the comfort of your living room while also enjoying the discounts!”

“Four of the top leading influencers: Jovita Gandhi, Masoom Minawala, Malvika Sitlani and Aanam have curated respective special stores that carry their faves. You can get your hands on Hottest Luxe Kits, Budget Beauty Deals, Skin Faves Under ₹ 999 and incredible Makeup Steals all on the Nykaa. Dixit is impressed when she learns this but doesn’t want to lose face.”

“The highest savers of the day are ranked and the person on the top of the list is the winner! Keep shopping to maintain your winning streak and get a chance to secure a cool giveaway from Nykaa.”

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Gathering all the pertinent information, Srishti realises that this may be, The Hottest Sale Of The Year after all.After scaring the Nykaa office out of their wits and demanding her bag of goodies, she walks out of the premises, content that the sale to replace her spirit is the hottest! Sorry, Srishti.

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