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Putting Lakme’s Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color To The #StressTest

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When you’re in the business of selling makeup, you can’t help but pull out the big guns. One bad move and your reputation will be smashed to smithereens. Currently, the pressure is especially on lipsticks. Apparently, India is the second most affordable country to buy lipsticks, (after Vietnam). You know what this means, right? Our guilty pleasures have officially become our business. You don’t mess with us when it comes to lipsticks. Na-ah!

Now that Lakmé has launched its Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color, we dare take anything at face value. Let’s talk shop and see how bang for the buck this new range actually is. Across 20 hours, we’re determined to put their four claims to test. So, are you ready to follow through on our one-day-one-lipstick challenge? Get the verdict.

Hours 0-4

Claim One: Precise application with makeup wand

Stress Test: The Monday morning mayhem is legendary. We tend to wake up late, as did I, and landed up rushing through everything. Including looking like a human. Which meant doing my makeup jerkily on my way to work.

Verdict: Application was undoubtedly a breeze. Despite forgetting my mirror at home, shaky hand and a smart-a** phone’s superb filter that blurs mistakes we’d like to see. The cons of doing a job splendidly. However, since I applied Red Velvet, which is a cherry nude hue, the wand’s precision cannot be completely ruled off. You’d probably require a lip pencil while swiping across the darker shades like Red Revival or Wine Touch.

Hours 5-9

Claim Two: Lightweight, glides on effortlessly

Stress Test: In the AM, usually one cup of coffee or tea would suffice. Since today was a rushed morning, it meant drinking my latte in moving traffic. Oops! And because I’m dealing a with a hangover, a crumbly, buttery croissant along with chugging glasses of H2O would save the day, week.

Verdict: The only flipside a liquid lipstick has earned, is its glue-like stickiness. Heck, it gives glosses a good name. We can’t say this wasn’t completely the case here too. But compare it to its competition, and you’ve got a far superior formula. It’s lighter in texture without making every sip seem like a kiss on the cup. Nor was biting into my croissant a patch on my one-swipe application without fading or feathering.

Hours 10-14

Claim Three: Highly-pigmented formula, delivering rich color payoff

Stress Test: A late lunch with a client was the need of the hour. At this point, I had to remind myself that touching up on my lippie wasn’t part of the plan. Uh-ho. Afterwards, the need of the growling tummy had to be met. And it was met with a slurpy, noodly thukpa, a side of garlic roasted broccoli and water of course.

Verdict: Okay we admit, a piping-hot brothy soup with slurpy noodles wouldn’t exactly be my first choice while meeting with a client. But what’s a challenge if not tough? While it finally began to feather, that stickiness we particularly diss of a liquid lipstick, must be lauded at this point. It’s what secured the pigment and rich color payoff.

Hours 15-20

Claim Four: Looks freshly applied for 20 hours

Stress Test: Uhm, here’s a never-have-I moment. Never have I ever put in a full day’s work, worked out at my high-intensity functional training class and stepped out to wish a friend’s for her birthday over a round of drinks – all this, without touching up my lipstick. I was pretty confident Lakme’s going to lose this round.

Verdict: If I wasn’t obsessing over the blurred-slash-smudged, lip stained look, I’d be frowning. Truth be told, I called it a day, but my lipstick didn’t. And that’s some dedication. Although, the brand’s claim for it to look absolutely fresh for 20 straight hours would be a push. But kudos to its pigmented formula and color payoff that genuinely came to play. My lipstick may have faded but what matters, is that it didn’t entirely die on me. Phew!

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