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Quick and Easy Makeup Hacks By Ojas Rajani For A Flawless Look

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She’s made up the most well-known faces of Bollywood from Aishwarya to Shilpa to Madhuri. She’s the go-to for countless well-heeled brides who insist on her magical touch to make them look ethereal on their wedding day. “Not all of them are naturally gorgeous but thanks to makeup techniques, I make sure they look stunning,” laughs Ojas Rajani, the flamboyant hot-in-demand makeup expert. Enter Fakeovers, the new buzzword in makeup artistry. Now anyone can flaunt beachy tresses, come hither eyes and enviable nails even if they’re all, well, fake. “It’s a concept that’s been around for a while internationally”, says Rajani, adding that you can fake a whiter smile, sun kissed tan, bigger breasts, perkier bottom, anything you fancy. Here are some of the cleverer fakeovers we like the sound of.

Over to Ojas Rajani…

Q. Skin looks lumpy, pasty and patchy?

Get the Golden Goddess look by mixing bronzer with a firming body cream. Massage it into your arms and legs for a temporary tightening effect and instant glow. Match the look on your face by applying a dab of concealer on uneven patches and then dust over with a sun kissed powder compact and finish up with a sprinkling of shimmer on cheekbones, bride of nose, forehead and chin. Finally add a dusting on your décolletage to look like you’ve just stepped off the beach.

Q. Cheeks and lips looking flat and dull?

“The easiest way to perk up cheeks is by using a collagen rich cream on them,” says Ojas. This will instantly smoothen out wrinkles, plump up skin and give t a velvety soft texture. Give lip plumping Treatments such as the Laura Mercier Lip Plumper a try to get an instant smooch worthy pout. “It’s the quickest way to up your oomph factor,” drawls Ojas.

Q. Pimples ruining your flawless beauty?

Banish those pesky zits out of sight by camouflaging them with a yellow-based cover-up to counteract redness. Then use a concealer brush to pat it on precisely, blending the edges with your ring finger. Done! Now dust over with a compact powder to set.

Q. Your hair’s letting you down, again?

If thinning hair is getting you down, pump up the volume with this super-easy fakeover. After blow drying, switch to the cool setting and flip your head over. Direct the nozzle all over the crown to create air pockets. Then flip back up. Your hair looks instantly lifted! Rajani has a quick trick for curl haired gals too: Instead of trying to tame messy curls first thing in the morning, just spray on curl enhancing mousse to tame frizz and restore order to your waves. “Scrunch the product through strands with fingers and brush as usual,” she says.

Q. Late for a meeting and no time to shampoo oily strands?

Fake squeaky clean, glossy strands by spraying dry shampoo at the roots. Massage well and brush out. Don’t have dry shampoo? Try using dipping a makeup brush in baby talcum powder and sweep over roots. Massage into strands and bush well to remove residue. Style as usual. The powder isn’t visible on the hair but instantly absorbs grease from roots. “The easiest way to make a blow dry last two extra days,” chuckles Rajani. It’s easier than ever to fix stinky strands too! Just dip a clean cloth in fabric softener and rub it along the length of your strands. Or just pour a drop or two of oil-based fragrance on fingertips and run them through your tresses. Oil lingers on strands longer than a spray, plus it conditions your hair too.

Q. Partied hard and need to look perky?

“It’s easy to fake wide awake, well rested eyes,” says Rajani. First splash cool water on peepers, then pat dry and use a flesh-toned pencil to line the lower inner rims of eyes. “This area looks bloodshot when you’re tired and the pencil covers up the redness to make you look bright eyed. Too much alcohol can also take a toll on skin, making it splotchy and dull. Quick fakeover: use a moisturizing face mask to bring back your glow. Better still store it in the refrigerator before applying for instant tightening and cooling. Making under-eye circles disappear is harder. For now just use a yellow-orange hued concealer and dab foundation over it.

Q, Late for a hot date and your day makeup looks dull and worn out?

“There’s no need to panic”, says this makeup veteran. Cheat yourself into radiant freshness by simply patting on a light moisturizer over your day makeup for an instant dewy glam look. Then touch up your foundation and swirl some blush on to cheeks. “Swirl a fluffy brush in circular motion over cheekbones and the apples of cheeks all the way to the temples.” Voila! You’ll look like you’ve rested all day for this night out!

Q. Last minute evening plans and all you have is lip gloss?

Fake a luminous glow by making the most of your lip gloss, says Rajani. “Every girl carries one, so use yours on lips, under brow bones to add definition and on cheekbones to highlight. Use a shimmer formula in caramel or peachy pink for that va va voom effect.

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