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Read This To Start Your Morning With A Healthy Mind

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Do you ever wake up to your alarm like a zombie crawling out of the burial only wanting to curl right back under your blanket— wishing you didn’t have to get out of bed? Wishing you didn’t have to face the day, responsibilities, deadlines, expectations? If yes, you’re not alone (I have my days too). This brought me to putting together a bunch of solid tips so that you don’t have to ever feel this way again. These simple techniques (some of which I’m still working on) changed my mornings. Here’s to great mornings ahead, my friend. Below, everything you need to know.

Simple Tips To Change Your Mornings


I have to admit that not too long ago, I convinced myself that I was a nocturnal being and would make up for work and personal commitments by staying up late. When I finally found the time to view things objectively, I had to accept that this practice would lead me to spending the rest of the following morning running around like a headless chicken to meet my daily goals. The key to getting up earlier is to go to bed at an appropriate time and try putting your alarm clock or your phone away from your bed. Early risers are more productive during the early hours of the day. So, a positive morning routine starts with an early night.


Journaling your thoughts for the day (or life in general) no matter how big or small is scientifically proven to be very beneficial for your mental health. Just giving ten minutes of your time in the morning to gather your thoughts, goals and aspirations and writing them down on a piece of paper or a journal helps broaden your mind to help you get closer to your aim (keep your eye on the prize). Practising the process of manifesting and energising helps you look beyond the petty distractions and concentrate on the bigger picture. There’s nothing more important than your goals. If you haven’t started already, now is the time. It’s truly life changing.


Like most, if you have the habit of scrolling through the news apps, social media or your mails as soon as you wake up, you need to stop. I didn’t realize how much it affects you until I stopped doing it for a while just last week. Each morning spent away from the virtual world  is so much more relaxed, peaceful, and joyful. The overwhelming influx of information can involve other people’s opinions advertising into your mind, which contaminates your thinking, causing distraction, stress— invariably affecting your personal growth. Why would you let a bunch of people into your mind through a device? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


I learnt this very simple trick from a Netflix film called Sierra Burgess Is a Loser that’s helped me. In the opening scene, you see the protagonist starting her morning by looking at herself in the mirror chanting  ‘ ‘You are a magnificent beast!’. The character portrayed as insecure reminds herself through this single dialogue every morning that she is in fact worthy and good enough. This stuck with me for days, to a point where I started practicing it myself and I found it fascinating how something so simple could change the way I feel about myself. Yes, i know it sounds crazy and yes I do laugh quite a bit while trying this technique (which is fun), but it works every time. A little humour never hurt anyone, right? Morning mirror affirmations is a legit technique that envelopes both confidence and self-awareness.


Recommended by leading brain coaches, mental health experts and high performers, dedicating 15 to 20 mins to reading before you begin your day can add incredibly powerful benefits to your brain and thought process. Inspirational and educational reading material is proven to motivate and drive you for a better, healthier living. Books are said to broaden your perspective, diction and expand your thinking. You gain fresh insights that you can directly apply to your work, daily conversations with friends and even potentially change the way you look at life. Nowadays, thanks to Kindle and other digital reading devices, it has made it easier for us to get access to some great material for everyday consumption. Monetize on that. It’s time to give attention to what really matter—  your morning and most importantly, you.

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