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Ready for the 28 day clear skin challenge?

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Oh that quest for blemish-free skin! We’ve all tried umpteen anti-acne potions and lotions, often to no effect. So how’s a girl to sport a glowing, breakout-free complexion is just four weeks? Let’s start by saying there is no magic pill but we guarantee if you make these small changes every day, you’ll have a spot-free face in less than a month. Promise!
Ask around for a good dermatologist. Instead of relying on advice from friends and family, it’s always best to get the right advice suited to your skin type from a specialist.
Repeat after me “I will not touch my face.” Keeping your fingers away from your face is the best way of preventing acne causing bacteria from reaching your cheeks and chin.
Wash your pillowcases at least once a week. All that tossing and turning spreads bacteria around and straight onto your cheeks.
Every couple of days wipe down your phone with wet wipes like Zuci Cucumber & Mint Wet Wipes - 15 WIPES. Phones spend way too much time nestled against cheeks to not be clean.
Choose a facial cleanser with Salicylic Acid like Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash. It’s an important ingredient in your battle against pimples, exfoliating dead surface skin cells.
Stop towel-drying your face. Dab—never rub—skin with a soft, worn out Tee instead. Towels can be abrasive and cause tiny tears on skin, making it easier for bacteria to enter.
Use a soothing, gentle toner like Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Cooling Toner after washing your face. Avoid astringent toners that can over-dry skin and cause rebound oiliness.
Limit your Retinol products to night time because they can increase photo sensitivity. And always use matte sunscreen; try VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30.
Of course you want to hide those pesky little zits but it’s time to buy a makeup product that covers AND heals acne. Go with Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream.
Clean your makeup brushes. Do this once every-fortnight. Brushes can harbor acne causing bacteria.  Soak in soapy warm water. Then rinse in clear water and let air dry.
Don’t forget to acne-proof your neck, upper back and décolletage. Use an anti-bacterial shower gel like Dettol Original Body Wash. Pat dry and apply Ponds Oil Control Talc.
Moisturize with face oil! Facial oils with Tea Tree, Peppermint and Argan gently cure acne. Richfeel Oil For Acne adds just the right amount of moisture to balance facial sebum. 
Use a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic sunscreen on your face like Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+.
If you use conditioner on strands, always wash your face after rinsing out your hair. Shampoo/Conditioner residue on the forehead is a common cause of breakouts.
If breakouts are centered round your hairline, stop using hair oil (if you use it) and change your shampoo to rule out an allergic reaction to the formula.
Large, angry zits on your chin once a month could be a sign of hormonal imbalances. Use an adult acne regime like Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Kit to fix this.
Make some lifestyle changes. Limit alcohol intake and increase the fiber content in your diet; lots of leafy greens and brightly colored fruits and veggies.
Cut white sugar, dairy and wheat from your diet. For many people the results are almost instantaneous!
Use a mild but effective exfoliating formula on your face three times a week. We like Natio Acne Clear Pores Detoxifying Face Scrub with Jojoba Beads.
A skin clearing mask like Tatha Nature's Blessing Mask For Oily, Acne And Blemished Skin used once weekly will unclog pores, deep clean skin and reduce oil secretions.
Never ever hit your pillow without taking off all your makeup. If you’re too tired to go through a CTM routine, make do with Zuci Citrus Fruit Extract Wet Wipes - 15 WIPES.
SOS for large pus filled pimples: Dissolve 5-8 aspirin tablets into a thick paste with a few drops of water. Dab on to the offending spots for a miraculous reduction in size overnight!
Give yourself a deep clean facial once a fortnight. Use Vaadi Herbals Anti-Acne Aloe Vera Facial Kit to deep clean pores and soothe skin.
Make sure you’re getting seven-eight hours of zzzs every night. Stress and lack of sleep can cause eruptions.
Dab a tiny amount of Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix to clear up the infection and reduce redness.
Aim to get eight to ten glasses of water daily. It’s the best way to detox your system.
Hit the gym at least five times per week. Sweating excretes toxins from your skin, cleansing pores better than any face wash.  Plus, exercise helps regulate hormonal imbalances.
Follow all the above steps consistently and soak up all the compliments that come your way!
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