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Ready To Give Natural Hair Dyes A Try?

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Best Natural Hair Dyes

‘Clean’ beauty is having a moment. Driven by eco-minded Millennials and Gen Zs, no one can deny there’s has been a significant and growing awareness about what we are putting in and on our bodies. Keeping that in mind, we’re presenting a new generation of high-performance hair dyes that will give you peace of mind, and even healthier hair. Natural hair dyes are made with planet-friendly ingredients to deliver hues that don't compromise your health. They are designed to work within your hair’s optimum pH levels, i.e., 4.5 - 5.5. Yup, that’s right! AND for those of you wondering...how does the color pay off compare? A hundred on hundred we say. A point to note though; since natural hair colors don’t penetrate the hair cortex, they may not last as long as their chemical counterparts. Having said that, natural hair dyes feel (and act) more like hair treatments and nourish hair from root to tip. Now to the best part: they are free of PPD, sulphates, silicones and ammonia. PS: Ammonia is highly toxic in nature.

Reasons to choose natural hair dyes:

Apart from the obvious reason that natural hair colors are free of chemicals, there are many more reasons why you should choose the natural way:

1. Sustainable from the get-go

Since herbal hair colour is made from naturally-sourced ingredients, it’s safe to say that it is great for the environment too. Moreover, chemical free hair color is biodegradable - no contribution to pollution (yay!).

2. Maintain Hair Health

Unhealthy hair is going to be a thing of the past once you add natural hair colors to your cart. Unlike chemical hair colors, natural hair dye doesn’t lead to hair loss, breakage or any other damage to your natural hair.

3. Condition Your Hair

You won’t need a conditioner if you use natural hair dyes. The natural ingredients in these hair dyes will help condition your hair. Moreover, they will feed your hair all the essential nutrients that your hair craves.

4. More Variations

There is more scope of experimenting with natural hair colors.
a) They don’t stay on your hair for long.
b) They don’t cause any damage like other hair colors.

Now check out the very best natural hair dyes that harness the power of nature.

Herbal Hair Dye – Garnier Color Naturals

1. Garnier Color Naturals Creme Hair Color

Formulated with a blend of three essential oils—Olive, Almond and Avocado—this natural formula delivers vibrant color, immense shine and deeply nourishes your strands for a salon-like finish. Watch your hair transform, with one application of this herbal hair dye lasting for up to three weeks.

2. Kama Ayurveda Organic Henna Powder

Made from Organic Henna leaves from Rajasthan, this ayurvedic hair colour respects the hair fibre, while still offering long-lasting and vivid color. The tannin present in this ayurvedic hair dye actually binds with the hair to make it stronger. The color doesn’t penetrate the hair cortex, ensuring minimal damage. The result: thick and lustrous hair.

Ayurvedic Hair Color- Kama Ayurveda Organic Henna Powder
Herbal Hair Color- Khadi Hair Color

3. Khadi Natural Black Herbal Hair Colour

This herbal hair color cloaks greys and refreshes your hair color. The pigment is super vivid and lasts through at least four shampoos. Not to mention, your hair feels soft, shiny and not at all straw-like, a danger you run with some harsher chemical-based hair colors. Win, win, win!

4. Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Powder Hair Color

Your search for the best ayurvedic hair dye stops right here. In roughly 25 minutes, you can get reflective color, body and shine with this Biotique Henna hair color. The icing on the cake is that it contains a luxurious blend of strand loving ingredients, Henna leaves, Soap Nut and Berberry that ensure your hair feels silky, soft and nourished.

Ayurvedic Hair Dye- Biotique Henna hair color
Natural Hair Dye- Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color

5. Indus Valley Organically Natural Hair Color

Achieve gorgeous color with this at-home hair color kit. The set comes complete with a sachet of powder, a gel tube, application brush, gloves and a color protecting shampoo to ensure that the color lasts a whole lot longer. It also helps to prevent split ends, dandruff and hair fall, all thanks to the nine good-for-hair organic ingredients that it contains, namely Aloe Vera, Henna, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Grass, Amla, Orange, Honey, Basil and Sunflower extracts.

6. Naturigin Permanent Hair Colour - Dark Coffee Brown

If you’re looking for a hair color that holds a place of its own without investing extra time on an intense makeup look, the ice blonde will get you to the top of your game. On the cooler side of the color spectrum, this shade leans towards pale white. If you’ve got really dark hair, we’d recommend starting with a pre-lightening pale yellow base before you color it with these icy hues.

Natural Brown Hair Color- Naturigin

How to dye natural hair color at home:

Oh yes! If you don’t want to rely on products, you can always color your hair naturally at home:

Natural Hair Dye- Lemon Juice

1. Lemon Juice

For this home remedy to work, you need the combined powers of Lemon Juice and well, the sun. Yes, it’s that simple. Just apply the juice evenly on your hair with a comb, sit outside in the sun and wash it after an hour. The result? Highlights that will make heads turn. And, no it’s not going to be a temporary change - Lemon will bless you with permanent results. However, you might have to repeat this treatment a few times since it works a bit slowly. But, as long as it works, who is really complaining?

2. Coffee

To whoever said Coffee is just a source of caffeine, well… did you know it works just as well as a natural hair dye at home? Oh yes! It will give you the dark hair that you desire and even, cover up those grays. All you have to do is mix half a cup of coffee with a few tablespoons of coffee grounds and your conditioner. Apply the mix to damp hair and rinse it off after an hour. This may not show drastic results but definitely a quick way to color your hair.

Natural Hair Dye at Home- Coffee
Natural Hair Dye at Home- Chamomile Tea

3. Chamomile Tea

If you have blonde hair and are looking for a quick change, then say hello to Chamomile Tea that will lighten your hair and make it shine for days. Get some Chamomile flowers, steep it into hot water. Once the mixture has cooled down, after half an hour, strain the flowers out. After washing your hair, pour the tea on damp hair at least 10 times (a bit excessive we know). Wait for 15 minutes and finally, give your hair a quick rinse once again.

4. Carrot Juice

No points for guessing, Carrot will give your hair a reddish-orange tint. How long will this stay? That totally depends on your hair texture and type. First things first, make some carrot juice and blend it with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. Now, apply the mix on your hair and wrap it up in plastic. Keep this on for half an hour and rinse if off with Apple Cider Vinegar. If the color doesn’t show up, repeat the same on the next day.

Natural Hair Dye at Home- Carrot Juice


Q. Which is the healthiest hair dye?

A. The best part about any natural hair dye is that it is free from chemicals. Therefore, you can get effective results without causing any damage to your hair. So, pick your favorite hair dye without blinking an eye.

Q. Is box hair dye bad for your hair?

A. While this might be an inexpensive hair color technique, it may not necessarily be the ideal one. If you are using box hair dye at home, you end up with a blotchy and uneven outcome. That’s probably because there are some details that only a professional knows and common folks, like us, might end up missing.

Q. Which is the best natural hair colour?

A. There’s no such thing as one is better than the other, when it comes to natural hair colors. That totally depends on what’s your hair texture, which color do you wanna go for and of course, your hair concern.

Q. My hair has turned completely gray. Which natural black hair dye would you recommend?

A. There are several chemical free hair dye for grey hair available in the market. And, several home remedies that will give you similar results. Take a pick and scroll up to see our list of favorites.

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