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Real Brides Reveal Their D-Day Lady Fridays!

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Real Brides Reveal Their D Day Lady Fridays! - 1
Weddings = crazy times. There are thousands of things to do, to say and even to feel. In all this, a pimple pops or your eyeliner smudges. Disaster! So we rounded up our real brides and asked them that one secret makeup weapon that lasted them through this super – important week and gave them #skingoals.
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Shruti says
“It’s not a makeup product but it’s a magic potion! Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Ageing Micro-Sculpting Serum is crazy crazy magical. I started using it 3 months before my wedding and loaded it on my wedding week; my skin looked so fresh and supple.”
Dhruvi says
“I have combination skin which leads to powdering my t-zone and nose way too often. I used the NYX Professional Makeup Studio HD Finishing Powder throughout my wedding week when I didn't have professional makeup on. It’s transparent so no need to find that perfect shade – which is always my universal problem.”
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Esha says
“Anyone who has super oily skin knows that you can’t leave your house without Dromen & Co Green Tea Blotting Paper. And that’s what saved me during my wedding week. I had my BFF carry it along her purse wherever I went so that I would have it handy. Dab dab dab!”
Sana says
“I swear by the Juicy Chemistry Rose Water (Hydrating Facial Toning Mist) and that was my best friend during my wedding week. It acts like a refreshing and hydrating  facial mist, and during my wedding week it even made me feel good with its smell because its divineeee!”
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Diya says
“I was doing most of my makeup myself during my wedding week except the day of the wedding. My cousin got the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and it was a blessing in disguise. Makeup stayed on for longer and it gave me the perfect base to my skin too. Recommended to all brides to be.”
Sneha says
“I am a person who never wore makeup too much but in the wedding week, I was loaded with makeup and getting it off every night, function after function was a task. The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make Up Remover is immensely helpful. It’s waterproof and gets even the stubborn ‘red lip’ out! It’s alcohol free so no rashes too.”
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Mugdha says
“Sleeping was a huge problem during my wedding week as I was so stressed about everything. My mom made sure that a few drops of Nykaa Naturals Lavender Essential Oil was either diffused in my bedroom or on my pillowcase. I slept like a baby! Must have for brides!”
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