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All the Scoop From Nykaa's First Wellness Event - A Recap

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Namrata Purohit – Nykaa Wellness Event

The dawn of a new year catapults even the most dormant of us (ahem, guilty) into action. Case in point: I start steady, radiating with new-found energy— eating clean every day, exercising and even journaling before I hit the sack. But somewhere around midway through January, my resolve weakens exponentially. Feeling encumbered (or overwhelmed) with day-to-day activities and the inevitable strain it brings forth, I often lose sight of what I had set out to achieve. My gym bag gets relegated to the back of the closet (collecting dust), the diet detox starts to seem like a futile exercise, practising mindfulness extracts every morsel of my energy and so on.

So, this year I took it upon myself to break free from this vicious cycle. This meant adopting a different approach to achieve my goals: making a realistic plan of action, taking one day at a time (showing up every day amounts to success) and celebrating the little victories! Taking a step back to reanalyze the situation has helped me do right by my resolutions (well, till now). I am back in the driver’s seat, directing consistent efforts towards my all-rounded wellness (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).

It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf (if I can, so can YOU!). If you are looking for some inspiration to get started on your goals for the year, stay motivated and take charge of your overall well-being, here's a quick refresher from Nykaa’s Wellness Week- Special Event. Hopefully, the first of many, the evening brought several experts, fitness coaches and mental health advocates under one roof that motivated the audiences to keep at their goals with resolute purpose. Moderated by Namrata Purohit, sports nutritionist, serial entrepreneur and author, the affair turned out to be quite the hit. Scroll ahead for the highlights!

A Fun Q&A With The Host, Namrata Purohit

Fitness World’s ‘That Girl’ shared some pearls of wisdom along with her goals for 2023.

“First and foremost, find something that you enjoy. Be it pilates, dance, yoga, or strength training— you have to find something you enjoy, that’s the only way to stay on track. Find a buddy or a trainer who can help you stay motivated. If you connect with your trainer or friend, who pushes you, you will be able to go for the workout and know that you will have a good time working out. Last but not least, always keep track of where you are — where you started Vs where you are going! It's important to celebrate the small wins as well. When you make a goal, ensure that it's well defined and realistic.”- Namrata Purohit On Tips To Stay Motivated To Work Out

Nykaa Army spoke to the leading influencers about their idea of wellness!

Aanam C

“Work-life balance and focusing on myself is what I have envisioned for 2023. The definition of wellness varies from person to person. For me, it's a combination of how I am feeling physically, how I am doing mentally, and how well (or not) I am sleeping (chuckles); to sum it all striking a balance between different aspects of my life.”

Shiv Shakti Sachdev

“Wellness is about finding the perfect balance. And, for me, it is also about practising self-love and taking care of myself. If you feel good mentally and emotionally, you tend to get more done and feel productive! 2023 is going to be about striving for that balance and travelling the world!”

Shruti Kainya

“My New Year's goal is to strike a better balance between my work and family life! Professionally, my goal will be to reach out to more people and help them achieve their fitness goals! As a nutritionist, I would advise people to keep their diet goals simple and break them down (over days) to ensure they are realistic and attainable."

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