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Remedies To Tackle Hair Fall By Apoorva And Sonal Shah

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Remedies To Tackle Hair Fall By Apoorva And Sonal Shah - 1

Strand secrets from the founders of Richfeel and trichologists extraordinaire

Dr. Apoorva Shah is synonymous with hair and scalp care. Featured in the Limca book of Records as India’s first certified trichologist, the good doctor has always treaded the path less travelled, setting up the Richfeel Trichology Centers in India—fifty two—at last count—to solve common strand woes. His beautiful wife Dr. Sonal shares his passion and is a qualified Beauty Physician in Natural Therapies and the first female Indian trichologist who launched the country’s earliest range of nutritive homeopathic remedies. Both Dr. Sonal and Dr. Apoorva have been the Official Hair Care Expert for the Femina Miss India Pageant for ten consecutive years.
Together they form a formidable team, providing effective strand solutions to hapless men and women suffering from thinning tresses, hair loss, balding and graying. According to Dr. Apoorva hair problems are common than you think. “Every second Indian is affected.” He points out that hair problems are always a signal of internal imbalance. “Poor health, lack of proteins and minerals in the diet and stressful lifestyles are common culprits.” However, he points out that once the reason is determined and treated, hair goes back to its normal pattern of shedding and growing.
Dr. Apoorva has always been passionate about hair. He admits it was a case of love at first sight, the moment he saw his future wife Sonal’s beautiful, impossibly long hair. Together, they floated a company Meenaxi Pharmaceuticals in 1986, under which they introduced and patented the Richfeel brand and Richfeel Hair Tonic. Today the brand boasts 56 personal care products.
Hair fall is the commonest hair problem and can strike at any age. As Dr. Sonal explains, “Hair fall can affect anybody irrespective of caste, creed and gender.” However, hair fall could be temporary or permanent. “Diffuse temporary hair loss is usually symptomatic while diffuse permanent hair loss often requires specialized help from a trichologist. Both, however, are completely reversible.”
Depending on the cause of hair loss, Drs. Shah say that the treatment consists of internal and external treatment modalities. The internal treatment includes the intake of mineral supplements and hair friendly foods such as palak (spinach), paneer, milk, almonds, soya and flax seeds. “The external treatment involves the use of Tricho active products and Tricho scalp treatments,” says Dr. Apoorva.
These are unique treatments designed to disinfect, detoxify and rejuvenate the hair and scalp. Tricho-scalp treatments work on the scalp’s lymphatic system to increase oxygenation and nutrition flow to the hair follicles, strengthening and rejuvenating them.
Both doctors are quick to point out that ultimately hair health is determined by how you treat it and what you eat. Gentle traditional hair cleansing, conditioning and strengthening remedies can be highly efficacious but ultimately your daily diet plays a vital role in hair health. 

They recommend that a strand healthy diet should include:

• At least two to three servings daily of milkalmondspaneerspinach and zucchini;
• One weekly serving of kabuli channa or bajri;
• One serving of peartomatoes or papaya daily;
• A daily serving of Chinese cabbage and soya beans. You could mix soya atta with regular whole wheat flour (one kg soya to 10 kg whole wheat);
• One two cups of green tea daily along with 12-14 glasses of water;
• A daily serving each of flax seedswalnuts, two dates and figs along with milk and jaggery;
• A relaxing activity for at least 15 minutes every day; and
• Use hard water (made by mixing lime in a bucket full of water) to wash hair.

Avoid the following to prevent hair problems:

 Urad dalred wine and smoking;
 Non vegetarian food;
• Tying up wet hair;
• Combing or brushing wet hair; and
• Using hot oil or hot water directly on the scalp.
Both Dr. Sonal and Dr. Apoorva vouch for the efficacy of mesotherapy, stem cell therapy and hair transplants as viable options for treating hair loss. They have pioneered a new treatment called Anagrow that uses plant stem cells to regrow hair. “It’s a revolutionary technology that aims to slow down and reduce the ageing process by working on stem cells within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.” A product called PCT Rejuva Max extract(that contains apple and pea stem cells) is inserted in the hair follicles using the RF Anagrow 10Xmachine. “Richfeel also offers path breaking technologies like HTMA and Hair DX to counter hair fall,” says Dr. Apoorva.
Contrary to the widely held belief that oiling hair gives you longer, stronger strands, Drs. Shah reiterate that external application can’t accelerate hair growth but “hair oil is a great strand and scalp conditionerand very effective in keeping both healthy.” They agree that Moroccan oil, extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree, is a great product. “So is our home grown coconut oil,” they add with a twinkle.
While hair fall shampoos can’t arrest hair fall, Dr. Sonal says it’s important to use a strand specific shampoo and conditioner to cleanse the hair of dust, dirt and grime. “Think of shampoo as a means for cleansing hair, something normal water can’t do. You can even shampoo daily if you want to,” she concludes.
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