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REVEALED! Everything You Need To Know Before You Shop For Nykaa’s Hot Pink Sale

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The hottest sale of the year (that’s right around the corner) is powered with smoking hot deals, sizzling price reveals, live shows with your favourite digital star and a virtual slot machine filled with the best offers, deals and freebies. The Hot Pink Sale will be a 360-degree shopping experience that you simply shouldn’t miss (if you ask us)–and we’re working hard, back here at the Nykaa headquarters, to ensure that you make the most of it. We go live on the 26th of July, so make sure to mark your calendars! Keep scrolling for the hottest tea from the sale.

1. The Pink Box

Afraid your favourite products might run out by the time you decide to shop? Well, don’t wait for the sale to begin, instead create your wishlist early on with Nykaa’s Pink Box! You will find the box on the top right of your Nykaa app, right next to your bag icon. The Pink Box will allow you to curate your shopping list BEFORE the sale and will automatically move all the items in your Pink Box items to the checkout page with slashed prices the moment the sale goes live.

2. Price Reveals

Know your prices before your friends and family (we love a good competition, correct?). You heard us, we’ll be revealing the discounted prices of all the top brands and products on Nykaa right before sale. Make sure to check out the Nykaa app one day prior to the sale to stay ahead of the game. P.S. Mini price reveals will also pop up on the app pre-sale on our Watch & Shop section (a platform where you get to shop live with your favourite influencer)

3. Influencer Stores

Spot your favourite beauty influencer and shop their bag. India’s leading digital stars Masoom Minawala, Aashna Shroff, Malvika Sitlani, and Aanam C have handpicked and curated their list of personal beauty recommendations. You can find their stores on the app if you scroll a little to the bottom.

4. Biggest Beauty Steal

Dolly Singh, the most-wanted heist queen strikes again! Singh is back for her 9th heist where she will be revealing 'never-before' deals from the Hot Pink Sale. The power is in your hands. Join her live and plan the heist to get access to limited-time offers on all your favourite brands.

5. Slash & Save

You wouldn’t love a good save? This interactive, gamified price slashing tab allows you to bring down the price points on top combos on Nykaa. The more you slash, the more discounts you’ll get! So get your friends, family and everyone around to help you win the best price on your favourite combos by slashing and saving!

6. The Nykaa Insider

This time’s Nykaa Insider (Srishti Dixit) is a ghost of a past sale. She has recently heard that Nykaa is having the ‘Hottest sale of the year’. And she is now having FOMO. Why couldn’t this happen during her time? How are there such good features now? She decides to check out what everyone is raving about and over the course of two videos goes from being jealous about the sale to actually falling in love with it.

7. Slot Machine

For the first time, Nykaa is creating a virtual slot machine where you stand a chance to win beauty goodies every time you land a jackpot—offers, deals, combos and freebies. P.S. There’s also a fun Spin The Wheel activity that you don’t want to miss.

8. Freebies

Keep an eye out for giveaways on our app and social media handles to enjoy specially curated baskets of Nykaa bestsellers. Some of our live beauty shows aka Watch & Shop that include our popular Saturday Night Lives will also include exciting beauty deals and steals that you can win from the hottest sale of the year!

Nykaa’s Hot Pink Sale is live between 26th-31st of July 2022. The best part? You get to stay ahead of the game and explore top deals and offers and start curating your Pink Box from the 20th of July.
Download or update the Nykaa app to know more.

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