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Revealed! Six Lazy Girl Beauty Essentials

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No matter how much of a makeup fanatic you are, aren’t there times when you feel like just lazing around on your queen-sized bed and diving into a tub of ice cream with a chick-lit novel for company? Spending precious minutes preening in front of a mirror can be so tedious. Yes, it happens to the best of us! Well, thanks to Namrata Soni, B Town’s beloved makeup sorceress, you’ll never again have to choose between a lazy day in bed and staying at the top of your beauty game. Here are six lazy girl beauty & makeup essentials that’ll take you from drab to fab in minutes!
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Base Makeup Done Right
The next time you envy a lady because her makeup is on point even when she’s called it a day, know that she’s set her base right. “Instead of a layering your face with multiple products like a primer, a foundation, and a powder, sticking to just one makeup product usually does the trick”, says Namrata.
Loyal To Kohl
There are no two ways about a kohl pencil being the most prized possession in your makeup arsenal! Namrata quips, “While a dash of kohl along the waterline is just right for a hectic day at work, use the same eye pencil to create a soft, smoky look for a last-minute dinner plan and you’re sorted!” Could we agree anymore?
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Where's My Wand?
Well, whoever called the mascara tube a wand wasn’t wrong. One swish and you can flutter those lashes like a Disney princess! “It’s the fastest way to pop open your eyes and really add personality,” says Namrata, confessing that a swipe of lip gloss and swish of mascara is all she needs to face the day.
A Cheek and Lip Stain
Why bother with two when one can do the job equally well? Flushed cheeks and kissable lips, here we come! Namrata says a dual action formula is a must in every busy (and lazy girl’s) tote. No points for guessing what’s the latest addition to ours!
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Curl 'Em Up Pretty
Namrata admits that not many believe in the power of a good eyelash curler but she does. “If clumpy, unflattering mascara is the last thing you want to add to a long, hectic day, go product-free with a trusted eyelash curler.”  Wide eyed and fluttery-lashed, that’s the way to go!
Wowsie Brows!
After magically transforming desi divas on the big screen, Namrata knows that eyebrows are the best way to frame your face. We made mental notes when she advised us to not leave home without a good eyebrow gel or pencil to create strong — but not overbearing— brows. Guess it’s time to elevate your brow game, ladies!
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