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REVEALED: The Nykaa Army Shares Their Wellness Regimen And Products They Trust

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‘Your body is a temple’, they say—and I couldn’t agree more. For the unversed, who have never stumbled upon the adage before, allow me to elucidate. Although the phrase has been subjected to interpretations galore, I firmly believe that it talks about prioritising your well being that further acts as a stepping stone to a healthy and happy self, i.e the mind and soul. Listening to your body and ensuring its health by undertaking necessary and pertinent steps. After all, our body endures so much to sustain the arduous functionalities, stress of day-to-day life and fight off external aggregators — it should be our sacred duty to care for without fail, right?

As we observe wellness week at Nykaa, I went around asking the Nykaa Army about their wellness routines along with their holy grails that they rely on to elevate physical, mental and spiritual health.

Lakshmi Nayar, Senior Beauty Editor

“My wellness regimen is pretty simple, actually. I turn to my supplements everyday which includes a bottle of vitamin C, biotin and omega 3 primarily. You would always find a yoga bar or a protein bar in my bag that I munch on between deadlines for that extra boost of energy. When it comes to my diet, I recently moved to green smoothies (I throw in some spinach, avocado, a mango and banana slices into a juice maker first thing in the morning), I also enjoy my daily dose of antioxidants that include blueberries, cranberries and raspberries (I love me a good berry concoction).I also make sure that I have a tablespoon of organic coconut oil every morning before I start my day.”

Aarohi Roy, Beauty Editor

“For my wellness routine I start my day early with yoga and follow it up with a glass of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar It works as a prebiotic and keeps my gut health and pH in balance. The second thing that I always do is take some health supplements for the gut because I don't have a great metabolism and need it to aid my overall health. I try to work out everyday and keep some health bars handy! Since I start my day early, I crave a little snack either right after my workout or around midday. So, I use a protein bar to keep my energy levels up.”

Akanksha Gupta, Social Commerce

“A wellness regimen should align with your specific goals, to enhance the quality of your life. Be it mindfulness, meditation, increasing your attention span or your overall nutritional well-being. My approach to wellness has to be rooted in some discipline and I create something called a power routine which entails drinking 2.5 litres of water, increasing my intake of protein which gives my body the energy it needs to sustain a day of work and workouts. So, that primarily involves incorporating protein shakes and pulses in my diet. Over and above that, I include as much stretching to improve my blood circulation. At night I am working towards a gratitude journal for penning down my thoughts and everything that I am grateful for so that I can start my day fresh from a place of abundance rather than lack. I load up beetroots and berries on my plate for a boost of antioxidants. I also have omega 3 for my overall health and wellness.”

Raysa Vahi, Social Media

“My wellness routine is super important and personalised to me. Working out is something I need to declutter my headspace and on top of that I make sure to meditate for at least 10 minutes in the afternoon. I make sure to have my collagen and biotin supplements as they make my hair and skin glow and a multivitamin as they help me stay in the pink of my health.”

Sara Shah, Emailer Marketing

“It’s only in my late 20s that I’ve truly started to understand the importance of prioritising health and having a sustainable wellness routine. And the best time for me to focus on my health is in the wee hours of the day, when the house is in a deep state of rest. I start my day at 6am with a glass of water, a quick cardio session, followed by thirty minutes of yoga and stretches. The rest of the morning is spent with a lukewarm shower (never hot!), breakfast of eggs, toast and tea, accompanied by my ride or die hair supplements and cod liver oil tablets.”

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