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I Am An Editor And Kay Beauty's New Line Of Lipsticks Make For The Perfect Galetine’s Day Present

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kay beauty liquid lipstick

Love-themed cocktails, a list of ‘easy-breezy DIY gift tutorials for the better half ’ and the barrage of recommendations for a romantic getaway— the myriad of reels and posts popping on my Instagram feed, serve as the harbinger of the most awaited week of February. Yes, the world is only a few days shy of V- Day, and I am almost positive that exciting plans are shaping up in the light of celebrations (for all)—regardless of whether you are taken or unattached. As far as 'yours truly' is concerned, I haven't been hit by Cupid’s shiny old bow in many moons, nevertheless still gearing up for a night of partying with my girlfriends. After all, the loving scared bond of female adult friendship warrants a celebratory dinner and at least a few (ahem, a few too many) cosmos. So, I will be slipping into my best dress and dancing the night away on the floor.

To crank up the celebrations, I have also been surveying the internet for little tokens of love for all my Galentine’s and landed on a product that made my heart sing out loud. My girlfriends and I are all ardent fans of the Kay Beauty line owing to its superior-quality, hybrid makeup formulations, so imagine my ecstasy when I stumbled upon the very first set of Matte Liquid Lipsticks by Kay! The debut offering in 12 crush-worthy shades was something I had to get my hands on, STAT! So, a series of tappity taps and I had a package shipped to my doorstep. I made the call to try and test the offering (a few shades I set aside for myself) before the big day and here’s what I think!

My Honest Thoughts

Kay Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick

A luxuriant pop of matte that hugs the lips imbued with ‘Kare For You’ ingredients like grapeseed and red raspberry, giving it an adequate dose of hydration— this line of liquid lipstick is the perfect healthy relationship for your lips. I had the immense pleasure of experiencing a one-stroke application with a formidable formula (in the shade Friendship)  which stayed intact all day long, despite devouring an assortment of snacks and beverages, on a day out. People who know me up close and personal, bear witness to the fact that I need my joe to power through a given day. However, my love for a nice brew in no way outweighs my biggest pet peeve— lipstick stains on my mug, which is why I was delighted to find none whilst wearing this incredible product. Now I may be sailing solo, but for all the ladies waltzing away the evening with their SOs on the 14th, you ought to grab these lipsticks as they are kiss-proof (wink, wink), smudge-proof and transfer-proof! So, say goodbye to touch-ups. The range of 12 hues is striking, inclusive and has an amazing pay-off. The formulation sits in a beautiful tube with a flexi-applicator which allows for a great handle over the product— it shapes, swirls and contours seamlessly, as if at your beck and call! Moreover, wearing the lip colour gave me an instant boost of confidence, helped channel assertiveness and assimilate my courage of conviction, an energy that I wish to manifest for my girl gang as well! All and all, this a great new addition to the Kay Beauty line and no matter how you wish to celebrate this year, make sure you leave a mark with these stellar colours.

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