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Rock Anushka’s PK pixie style hairdo

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From the dream team of the makers of Three Idiots here’s another blockbuster, multi-starrer PK. The movie that released last month is wowing movie goers everywhere!
After Aamir Khan's almost-nude transistor poster was released, the film had received a considerable amount of buzz from both within the industry and outside. It’s an entertainer like only Rajkumar Hirani can churn out, and you’ve probably rolled in the aisles during the film’s screening. Anushka Sharma looked as cute as a button in her pixie cut avatar. It’s a look that’s been tried and tested by many veterans; while some have made a mark, others have left a scar (if you know what I mean). It’s still early days but I wonder how the masses will react to this new version of Anushka.
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Don’t worry, she hasn’t gone and chopped off her lovely tresses. It’s just a wig. I’m not yet sure if I like it or not but I’m hoping it doesn’t distract from her performance. Sure, long haired gals will complain that maintaining their tresses can be time consuming but keeping short hair look groomed and shapely isn’t a cake walk either.
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There’s no denying that short hair exudes confidence. We always admire the brave and stylish—like the cool Anushka Sharma —who can rock a pixie cut with tons of sass and total abandon. Practically speaking, this it a bold head turner look perfect if you live in a humid city like Mumbai or just want to make a statement. If you’re suffering from short hair cravings, a la Anushka, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you what styles look best on different face shapes and how you too can totally rock the pixie look .
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When you’re showing off your beautiful profile with a short ‘do, it’s smart to pick a style that flatters your bone structure and face shape. Remember that while flattering your bone structure is always a good place to start, most hairstyle choices come down to personal preferences and style. As any stylist will tell you women who rock short hair typically have small features, a strong jaw line, and a well-proportioned face, neck and body. Wearing lipstick is a must once you’ve shorn your locks. The trick is to draw attention to either your eyes or mouth with makeup--one or the other—but never both at once. There’s a fine line between what looks hip and cool and what looks dowdy, so you definitely need to figure out the right makeup that works for your face.
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Hair tip
The hair at the nape of the neck should be just below the jawline. If the goal is to shorten the face, the cut should include bangs—either side-swept or blunt. Use a conditioning shampoo to create soft bounce in strands.
Makeup tip
Use a simple nude shade of shadow on the eyes and amp up your lashes. Pop up your look a notch by using a bright shade of lipstick like red, orange or shocking pink.
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Hair tip
This depends on the shape of your jawline. If you have a prominent, strong jawline, you could go really short at the back, with soft sideburns and extra pokey strands at the ends. However, if the jawline is undefined, it's best to go longer at the back to create shadows and definition. Use a shampoo that adds bounce to strands.
Makeup tip
Use an angular blending brush to shade and contour the face with a darker powder. Also brush some formula along the lower jaw into the area behind the neck to create a more defined jaw line and raised cheeks. Use a fresh blush on the apples on your cheeks.
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Hair tip
Your hair should be heavier and more side-swept on the crown. Like you would, if you have a round face with a strong jawline, don’t hesitate to cut the back of your hair really short. If your jawline is not prominent, go longer at the back.
Makeup tip
Draw your eyeliner upwards to give it a wing tip. The idea is to apply makeup in a way that elongates your face. Similarly, apply blush upwards on cheek bones to lift your face.
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Hair tip
If your face is a perfect heart shape, you could opt for longer hair on top, with long bangs, keeping it shorter on the sides.
Makeup tip
Soften the look by playing up your eyes. The perfect way to do this is with a thin liner and lashings of mascara. Team this with fleshy nude lips. Finally, bronze the cheeks to add warmth to your face.
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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