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Rock Katrina’s crimson Fitoor tresses

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Katrina Kaif is back! Fresh from her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, she’s set to mesmerize audiences with her flaming tresses in her latest release Fitoor. The beautiful red tressed lass will be romancing Aditya Roy Kapur in this adaptation of Charles Dickens' famous novel Great Expectations. Her clothes and look are unique, thanks to the deft Anaita Shroff Adajania who has given her a period look.
Apparently only two percent of the world’s population is born with red hair. And with this fiery hue being one of this year’s hottest hair color trends, it seems those of us that fall in the remaining 98 percent are out of luck. Or are we? Just like its black and brown counterparts, red is actually a super versatile shade. Its intensity ranges from soft, strawberry blond, to rich auburn, making it a perfect fit for basically any and all colorings. My team was also a bit skeptical about the versatility of this trend and decided to put the color to the test. One of my brave artists decided to take the plunge and transform her untouched brown hair to a ravishing red. While I sat with her for the coloring process I learnt a few interesting facts.
When it comes to going red, out stylist recommends staying true to your roots. People should choose a shade closest to their natural hair color
Natural blondes look best in strawberry blond or light copper. If your complexion is fair to light, a lighter cinnamon red is a nice complement to your skin tone. Try a softer red like Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Fashion Lights Permanent Highlight Color Crème – Red.
Light to medium brown
Go for a copper or auburn red, suggests the stylist. Since our average brown hair falls into this category, you can settle on a coppery auburn shade from Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Permanent Color Crème – Light Brown Gold Copper. The shade isn’t a drastic shift from regular brown and goes well with olive skin tones.
Dark brown/black
Naturally dark-haired ladies look best in rich, deep auburns. I’m not a personal fan of purple-y reds as I believe they’re more intended for a statement look. Darker reds with brown undertones also work great with darker complexions and will look more seamless and natural. If you’re coloring your hair red, try a shade like Garnier Color Naturals - 6.6 Red.
Post-color care
Upkeep is key when rocking red locks. First and foremost, switch out your regular shampoo and conditioner duo for color-safe options. I’m a big fan of the Revlon Outrageous Color Protection Shampoo. The formula is nourishing and protects strands, leaving them soft and healthy.
A leave-in hair protectant is also good to have handy to help protect your red from the elements. Try a spray like Rene Furterer Lissea Leave In Smoothing Fluidor a cream-based product like Organix Smooth Hydration Argan Oil & Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Yogurt.
Touch ups
Let’s talk touch ups. Our stylist recommends refreshing your hair color every six weeks or so. However, if you’re more than 25 percent gray, you should touch up more frequently (every four weeks or so). Make sure you consult with your stylist about how often you should be coloring your hair. When in doubt, ask the expert!
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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