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Rosehip, The Multitasking Miracle Oil

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I thought I had found my soulmate when I met Coconut oil but then I got Rosehip-ed! Yes, this miracle oil is a genie in a bottle that grants all your beauty wishes. From giving your foundation that coveted dewy finish to making your hair look like glistening glory, this carrier oil is a multitasking GODDESS.
Pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, this baby was used by Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans (obviously!). Its light texture lets your skin drink it up without leaving you feeling like a grease ball. Replete with vital vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids you can wave goodbye to dark spots, dry, itchy skin, formidable scars and fine lines! Hallelujah!
Add a little Rosehip to your life with these hand-picked gems.
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Essential Oils FTW

Instagram has been blowing up with a myriad elixir oils that work wonders for your skin. Whip up a variety of magic potions with essential oils to cater to your specific skin concerns with Rosehip as the base or use it all by itself and watch your skin transform. Alternatively, massage a dry scalp and split, damaged ends to strut around like a dream.

Say YES To Serum

If you’ve caught up on K-beauty trends, then you’re aware of the 10-step skincare routine and face serums isn’t unchartered territory. Known to fade away reminders of acne, pigmentation or random spots, a serum with a high concentration of fatty acids will accelerate your skin health. And, what better than a Rosehip serum to get you looking like a million bucks.
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Butter Me Baby

Who doesn’t love some buttery love caressing their senses! And, if at the end of the day it leaves you looking like a spotless, glowing deity, all the more reason for you hit ‘Add to Cart’. Watch dry, cracked skin drink up all that moisture and what’s better you ask? Its free of parabens, preservatives, petroleum, artificial perfumes and alcohol! Need we say more?

Rewind The Age Clock

Yes, here’s something that is better than Botox! Stacked up with skin rejuvenating agents like Vitamin C and Lycopene, Rosehip oil is a safer solution to repair your skin’s surface, reduce visible signs of aging, restore elasticity, firm skin and leave you looking like a wrinkle free diva. So, embrace nature and switch to this alluring carrier oil to leave you looking youthful and feeling fabulous.
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Pop That Pill

Like that champion all-rounder your parents always compared you to, this stunning oil does more than just beautify you. Rosehip has amazing medicinal properties and is filled with Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties and supports the flexibility and mobility of joints. So, next time you’re down with the flu or have aching joints, you know who to turn to.
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