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Matrix Biolage Serum: A Hairdresser Favourite To Combat Frizz!

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Matrix Biolage Serum

The end of the year brings forth mega celebrations in the form of Christmas and New Year. Throw in this mix a couple of the wedding parties I RSVPed yes to, and you are looking at a jam-packed calendar till early next year! Yes, I will be scrambling to get from one celebration to the next this season. And while I am excited about turning these venues into my runway, where I flaunt the best of beauty looks. I have a hunch that my hair, like always, would refuse to cooperate on the said day and occasion.

I have been blessed with a full head of hair (not to brag), but it seldom behaves — which is such a shame because rocking those voluminous, luscious locks (if only) would enhance the appeal of my ensemble manifold. On the contrary, the limp tresses lying on my shoulders, with no personality unless aided externally, have been the bane of my existence. So, whenever a string of upcoming celebrations awaits, I often find myself in a fix. My hair, which is also innately unmanageable, needs to employ some tools for intricate hairstyles that I have my heart set on. But using excessive heat on the tresses makes me a little wary. Not to mention the untameable frizz and unfathomable degree of an untangled mess post-styling is something that I like to avoid.

In pursuit of a versatile product that would combat pertinent hair issues on multiple fronts — I stumbled on a potent hair serum Biolage by Matrix. A lightweight, non-greasy and cruelty-free product, with the backing of salon experts, has quickly become a favourite to feature atop my bathroom counter. Scroll further for my experience with the product and why you should incorporate it into your beauty regimen ahead of the holiday season, as I did!

6-in-1 Satiating Serum

I have been using this product for over 6 weeks and I can already see a substantial difference in the quality of my hair. The everyday commute tends to take a toll on the health of my hair, making the ends extremely parched. Running a brush through my hair at the end of the day was always a nightmare up till now. With the introduction of this serum in my daily hair care ritual, my hair has become smoother and softer over time. I often slip it in my backpack and use it on-the-go. It helps my lacklustre and dull hair look rejuvenated by giving it a dose of nourishment. A pea size amount of the formula, covers the entirety of my hair and parts it with a healthy shine. Thanks to the cocktail of hair super- foods like avocado, grape seed and other polymers that help curb frizz or oil formation.

USP: controls frizz, smoothens rough ends, shields against humidity, adds instant shine, nourishes dry hair, instantly detangles

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Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Professional 6 in 1 Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair

The product is multi-purpose, unlike other serums that can be summoned after a shower. This potent formulation is also ideal for pre and post-styling. The blow dryer is my go-to styling tool for festivities and celebrations since I like to enhance my soft waves to look slightly more pronounced and structured. I used this deep-nourishing serum before a night out with my girlfriends— for pre-styling my hair and once right after the blow dry. I was amazed at how luxuriant and glossy my hair looked — a feat I thought could only be achieved courtesy of a salon treatment. At ₹310 a piece, this bottle of serum is everything you need to ace the holiday season. I have already stocked up on a few, just in case!

But hey don’t just take my word for it, Beauty Book reached out to Melroy Dickson, the Education Head at Matrix-Biolage India, ahead of the holiday season. We asked the expert about steering clear of the inevitable hair damage due to over-styling and excessive washing. Read more to learn how you too can incorporate the Biolage serum to keep such worries at bay!

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Beauty Book: We often use styling tools to get ready which damage my hair. How can we prevent this?

Melroy: "If you do use a blowdryer or straightening iron at home to get ready for your festive celebrations, always use a heat protectant serum like the Biolage Hair serum before blow drying or ironing your hair to prevent damage."

Beauty Book: During this festive season, some of us end up doing multiple rounds of Shampoo which can leave the hair feeling very dry. How can we solve this?

Melroy: "Since I come from a professional background, I realise that people just do shampoo, leave the conditioner out or just directly apply the serum, without doing the other two steps. That’s a big no! Please please, if you want the best care for your hair, the magic routine needs to be followed – Cleanse – Nourish – Protect. It is only then you would really see the real difference in your hair. The conditioner will nourish your hair and the serum will add a protective coat."

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