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Salon Results With At Home Facials Thanks To VLCC

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If you’ve been yearning to pamper yourself with a decadent facial but still haven’t found the time, cancel all your appointments this very minute. VLCC just dropped an entire range of at-home facials, so you can just Netflix and chill. The best part – whatever your skin concern, they’ve got just the match.

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Do you constantly find your days darkened by untimely pimples? And does this lone ranger (or its aides) show up just a few days before something major? If you’re nodding as you read this, there’s only one sure-shot way to bid adieu to long-standing blemishes, VLCC Gold Facial Kit. This 24-carat magic (once reserved for celebrities and royalty) will exfoliate dead skin, nourish, and replenish each dehydrated cell with essential nutrients and restore your natural pH levels for plumper, radiant looking skin. The result:  a luxuriously lit face without a dent in your pocket. Don’t believe us, try it out for yourself.


Is sun-spotting and pigmentation your number one cause of concern? If so, consider the battle won. Introducing the summer special from the house of VLCC, a whole lot of fruit to clear up marks and dark spots. Infused with the enzyme papain and Vitamin A the VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit gives you glowing skin, from within. Here’s how: The papaya scrub gets rid of blemishes, the cucumber gel soothes skin, the peach cream tightens pores, an orange anti-tan pack lightens sun-spots, and finally, the green apple lotion prevents further breakouts. All hail fruit power!
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PREVENT AGING – VLCC Diamond Single Facial Kit

They say, ‘age is just a number’ but have you been seeing a lot more lines each time you look at your face in the mirror? You need to act quickly to combat all signs of aging with VLCC’s Diamond Single Facial Kit. Apply the comfrey-enriched cleanser-cum-toner to begin with, then exfoliate with the divine diamond-ash scrub. Move on to the detoxifying lotion, follow it up with the aloe-infused gel and lastly finish off with the wash-off mask. Madonna wouldapprove, amirite?

DULLNESS, BE GONE! – VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

Ah, at last, the one issue we’ve all been victims of at some point in time, dullness. This concern strikes when you least expect it, just like a lightning bolt out of the blue. Bam, your once ‘luminescent’ glow is gone! The only solution is to pull out all the stops and that’s when VLCC’s Pearl Facial Kit(60gm)  is the game-changer you need. The water-bound ingredient widely used in K-Beauty rituals counters cellular damage to reveal a bright, even complexion.  Blended with actual pearls the lotion, powder, cream, and face pack rejuvenate and revitalizes for younger, healthier looking skin while preventing further damage.  
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BUH-BYE TANNING – VLCC Anti tan Facial Kit

Come summer and there’s one thing on our minds, how do I prevent myself from getting tanned? While we’ve busted a whole lot of sunscreen myths, listed out tips and tricks so you don’t need to stay housebound, the smouldering heat still has a mind of its own. Enter your newest BFF - VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit(60gm). Start with the oatmeal scrub to slough off dirt, apply the cooling cucumber gel to affected areas, follow it up with the pomegranate de-tan powder, then gently massage the pista-infused replenishing moisturizer and lastly repair redness or sunburn with the goodness of aloe.
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