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Scalp Care 101: The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Hair Health

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Scalp Care 101: The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Hair Health

The skinification of hair care has been a long time coming—and with the advent of this movement, the beauty market has witnessed a noteworthy transition. Today, hair care isn’t confined to caring for your strands, but has adopted a more holistic approach that entails addressing your scalp concerns.

What Is Scalp Care, And Why Is It Important?

Fairly self-explanatory, scalp care involves caring for your scalp and tackling specific scalp concerns; it entails cleansing, re-balancing, and moisturising. While our scalp is an extension of our skin, it often doesn’t receive half as much attention, consequently becoming the ‘mane cause’ of our hair woes. A happy, healthy head of hair begins at the roots, which is why holistic hair care is paramount. Just as you follow an AM and PM skincare routine, you must have a scalp care routine, too.

A Step-By-Step Scalp Care Routine For Beginners

1. Scalp Pre-Treatment

In the first step of your scalp care routine, apply Thriveco’s dermatologically-tested Anti-Dandruff Pre-Shampoo Treatment Lotion and gently massage it into your scalp in circular motions. Leave the formulation on for 5-10 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

2. Detangle and Boost Circulation

Using a scalp exfoliator brush goes a long way in stimulating optimal blood circulation to your follicles. Spend up to five minutes massaging your mane to activate your muscles and allow for deeper penetration of the product.

3. Exfoliate

Just as you exfoliate your skin to buff away dead cells, dirt, and grime, lightly scrub your scalp—every four to six weeks—with Bare Anatomy’s Scalp Scrub. This step is a must for those plagued by excessive dryness, flaking, dandruff, and overall scalp discomfort.

4. Deep Cleanse

The next step of the routine involves employing a clarifying shampoo to adequately cleanse your scalp. Nykaa recommends celebrity-approved Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo, imbued with charcoal and eucalyptus, to help invigorate your follicles and soothe an itchy scalp.

5. Condition

Do not skip conditioner after using a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo. Olaplex’s offering is colour-safe and helps repair and strengthen your tresses after every use.

6. Hydra-Boost

Quench your strands’ thirst with a super-moisturising hair mask, such as MCaffeine’s offering. Their Naked & Raw Cappucino Coffee Hair Mask promises to replenish the moisture in your mane, all while adding a sheen to your tresses.

7. Moisture Lock-In

Finish off with a serum to instantly lock in the moisture in your hair. Aveda’s Scalp Solutions Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum strengthens your scalp’s barrier and fights signs of premature ageing while you sleep.

Since monsoon is often the culprit behind dandruff and scalp irritation, consider indulging in a scalpcare routine through the muggy season. If you have an oily scalp, opt for formulas boasting tea tree oil, ylang-ylang oil or salicylic acid. Whereas, if you possess a dry and flaky scalp, keep an eye out for ingredients including sulfur, coal tar, zinc, selenium sulfide, and alpha hydroxy acids.

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