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Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime: The New Age Of 'Happy Hair'

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We’ve all had our grandmas tell us how oil will make our hair grow healthier, longer and thicker. Many of us have fond memories of our mums giving us champis on Sunday mornings pre-shampoo. But as an adult, champis or head oil massages have taken a back seat. Gone are the days when we needed (or had the time) to sit and stew in greasy oil. Our hair textures have evolved to harmonize with ingredients that fit into a bottle, instead.

Enter Oil Ultime by Schwarzkopf Professional.

Schwarzkopf has mastered the art of drawing the absolute goodness of natural oils and blending them with your everyday haircare regimes. So, you don’t have to make time to nourish your hair, you can do it every day!

Also, instead of the classic champi oils that typically leave your hair a sticky mess, Schwarzkopf has redefined oils as we know them. To be used as a final touch to your regime, Oil Ultime Finishing Oils are special blends made with natural oils fused with self-evaporating silicon oils that leave your hair lightweight, radiant and bouncy.

This range of haircare products, unique to your hair types, will give you the relaxing, soothing sense of a luxurious hair spa at home, every day. Ready to indulge in the divine concoctions of ‘hairomatherapy’ at home, with Oil Ultime?

Oil Ultime Regime For Coarse Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Argan and Barbary Fig Oil Combo

Need haircare products that detangle your voluminous locks, truly hydrate and nourish them, reduce fizz and leave you with sublime shine? Schwarzkopf has it all covered. A beautifully blended brew of Argan Oil and Barbary Fig Oil, this Oil Ultime regime for coarse hair is a godsend.

Argan Oil is enriched with Vitamin E for healthier hair growth, and Oleic and Linoleic acids to maintain moisture. Psst… it also helps sustain hair color. Whereas Barbary Fig Oil, also known as ‘Prickly Pear Oil’, protects each strand from free radicals causing any damage. What more do you need?

Oil Ultime - Argan & Barbary Fig Oil-In Shampoo, Oil Ultime Argan & Barbary Fig Oil-In Conditioner and Oil Ultime Treatment with Argan and Barbary Fig Oil.

Oil Ultime Finishing Oils For Coarse Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Argan Finishing Oil

Also known as ‘liquid gold’ for its numerous benefits, Argan Oil promotes growth, thickness, strand strengthening and scalp healing. Finish your regime for your voluminous, thick hair with the Argan Finishing Oil. It is great for adding a lovely shine to your hair. Use a few drops like a serum on your slightly damp hair, preferably after your shower and you’re good for the day.

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Barbary Fig Finishing Oil

Ever noticed how gorgeous Moroccan women are, with their lustrous long hair? Their secret is their home-grown Barbary Fig Oil. It has the incredible ability to protect your hair with 150% more Vitamin E than even Argan! Use this everyday post your haircare regime, and you never have to worry about frizzy, dull hair again.

Oil Ultime Regime For Fine Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Marula and Rose Oil Combo

For all those fine-haired people trying out numerous solutions for a more voluminous head of hair, look no further. This haircare regime is meant for you. Bursting with the goodness of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids, Marula Oil nourishes your hair deeply. Meanwhile, Rose Oil has astringent properties that strengthen the roots. It is a natural toner and conditioner. It also soothes scalp skin irritations.

The combination of these two miraculous ingredients leaves your hair healthier, bouncier and livelier, with an invigorating floral fragrance with nutty undertones. Try out this dreamy range of oil-based products for supple and gorgeous hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime - Marula & Rose Light Oil-In Shampoo, Oil Ultime Marula and Rose Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner and Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Light Oil-In-Mousse Treatment.

Oil Ultime Finishing Oils For Fine Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Marula Finishing Oil

Add this final touch to naturally smoothen and soften your hair after your daily haircare routine. Marula Oil is extremely lightweight, yet rich in moisture. It is high in protein and smells blissful. It boosts brilliant shine and leaves your hair super soft. To get the most of it, add some Oil Ultime Marula Finishing Oil to a spray bottle, and target the cuticles and ends. Massage your scalp with your fingers and pat the ends of your strands. Voila, you’re done!

Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Rose Finishing Oil

Another fabulous option for fine hair is Rose Finishing Oil, with its blend of precious Rosa Canina (Rosehip) and Damascena (Bulgarian Rose) oils, ensuring the goodness of natural antioxidants, Vitamin C and the intoxicating fragrance of roses. Add this Finishing Oil to your regime by massaging a few drops every day after shower. The sweet scent stays on for a long, long time. Sigh!

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