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Secret Santa Cheat Sheet

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A nip in the air, the sounds of carols and a sea of red, white and green- are there any starker reminders that ‘tis the season to be jolly? The sweet sounds of Mariah Carey crooning, Michael Buble humming and Frank Sinatra serenading, need we say more? But the best thing about Christmas undoubtedly is the joy of giving. Gone are the days when we left cookies out for this jolly bearded fellow who wiggled down the chimney and brought us gifts.
But the anticipation remains the same. So, we’ve put a spin on it- we invented Secret Santa, where you don't lose the sweet expectation of receiving gifts but also get to see first-hand the delight on friends’ faces when they receive the perfect present. Oh, and did we mention looking at them befuddled trying to figure out who their mystery gifter is. That's what it's all about. Okay, we merely kid. But being Secret Santa to your friends is no easy feat, especially if you’re down to the wire, date-wise. We've identified every type of friend, and what their hamper NEEDS. Now, all you need is this cheat sheet. 

Here are the best Christmas makeup and beauty gifts for every type of friend:

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    The 4 AM Fam

    This is your go-to gal. You can call her at any time of the night to get you out of a fix, cry about boy-troubles or to even complain about your boss. She always has your back and she’s always ready with blotting paper for your T-zone, tissues and extra bobby pins. She’s your real-life Mary Poppins. So, we picked out all the emergency items she’d need to replenish the ones she gave to you!

    Products- Set you straight- Setting Spray, Nix the drama- Makeup Removal Wipes, Hiding evidence- Hydrating Concealer, Smell you later- Roll-On Deodorant, Sticky situation- Oil Blotting Paper, You’re my hair-o- Tweezers, Keep balm and carry on- Lip Balm, Don’t cramp my style- Tampons  

  2. Pyjama Party Pal

    She’s your perfect pampering buddy. You love getting mani-pedis with her, reading trash magazines, binge-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and gossiping about your ex’s new bae. She treats you like the queen you are and is unapologetically your hype girl. And she deserves nothing but just the right kit of total indulgence.

    Products- To tempt- Face Mask, Eye love you- Eye Mask, Quite the handful- Hand Cream, Mandatory- Manicure Kit, Say it to your -Face Serum, Candle will do- Relaxing Candle cum Massage Oil, Sleepover- Sleep Mask, Elimination round- Exfoliating Scrub

    Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 3
  3. Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 4

    Long Distance Homegirl

    She is your best friend, except she’s 4539 km away in a different land. She’s not any less of a best friend, she’s always there for your weekly scheduled FaceTime sessions, your hello from the other side, that one friendship that remains unchanged no matter the distance. Not that any of it makes not seeing her any easier. We’ve put together a care package of all the best ayurvedic products to remind her of home, and maybe tempt her to book a one-way ticket back. Well, a girl can dream.

    Products- Butter you up- Oil Treatment, Miss your face- Radiance Cream, That look on your- Face Wash, Can’t wait to see your- Face Pack, Pull a long- Face Scrub, Come back I’m a loner- Toner, It’s balmy without you- Lip Balm, Mehendi-d you come back- Henna

  4. Work Wife

    She’s your No. 1 girl and it doesn’t hurt that you see her for eight hours almost every day of the week. She knows all your highs and lows through the day- when someone irks you or when someone impresses you, she’s one who can truly empathize and deal with work pressures with you. She’s your confidante, your compadre and sometimes your partner in crime (we know you have codewords with her to go discuss office goss by the water cooler). And she deserves all the desk essentials to deal with your crazy self and for being your constant support system at work.

    Products: Driving me crazy- Anti-Frizz Oil Treatment, It’s a deal- Nude Lipstick, Stay sharp- Sharpener,  Water cooler- Hydrating Moisturizer, Mist your email- Thermal Face Mist, Heavy duty- EDT, Pressing issue- Compact Pressed Powder, Mind your business- Mascara

    Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 5
  5. Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 6

    Your All-in-One Bud

    She’s everything. Your agony aunt, your punching bag, your mother, your child, your advisor, your sister-in-arms, your secretary, your boss. Whew, she really can do it all. Don’t you think you should get her gifts that do more than one thing as an ode to your friendship? Yeah, we seem to think so too. Here are the perfect gifts for your friend who fills so many roles- she’s a multi-tasker.

    Products: She’s my- Foundation cum BB Cream, Staying in your- Eyeliner + Smudger, Turn the other- Cheek + Lip Tint, You’re my- Highlighter + Bronzer + Blush, Colour story- Colour Corrector Palette, You’re so- Essential Oils, Hair necessities- Multi Styler

  6. Broke Bloke

    He’s your boy. He’s always there when you want a muscular shoulder to cry on. He knows he’s deep in the friend zone, so he’s brutally honest with you when he calls you out for being silly. He keeps it real, but somehow is always broke! It’s possible because of all the food he orders for you or the drinks he buys you. It got us thinking and we put together a budget-friendly kit, which he can replenish easily without worrying about his bottom-line.

    Products- What a beardo- Beard Oil, Close shave- Razor, Save your- Face Kit, Give me some- Grooming Kit, What’s the rush- Shaving Brush, Totally flagrant- Woody Fragrance

    Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 7
  7. Secret Santa Cheat Sheet - 8

    Travel Buddy

    Your companion on every escapade, someone you have absolutely no drama with and is super low-maintenance. You have shared interests but also love giving each other space. She’s on the same frequency as you and shares your passport stamps like matching tattoos. Presenting her with a few stocking stuffers full of essentials is a great idea and this is it.

    Products- Give it to me- Straightener, High and- Dry Shampoo, Handle with care- Hand Cream, Keep me sane-tary- Sanitary Spray, Atone for my skin- Facial Toner, Cleanse-day- Facial Cleanser, This view is a- Tan Removal Scrub

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